Issue 103’s charity pick: Born Free

Issue 103 is our sustainability issue and comes with this adorable little tiger gift designed by Bethan Janine. While we were making him and embroidering his flowers, we stumbled across the incredible charity Born Free. And, after reading up on this amazing charity, we found our tiger gift suddenly had a new and very important purpose.

Tiger key ring gift

Mollie Makes issue 103 gift

Born Free’s mission

Born Free’s mission is to ensure all animals are treated with compassion and the respect they deserve. A large part of this is helping humans and animals live together, side-by-side, with no fear and a mutual respect. Compassionate conservation is the charities aim, striving to enhance the survival of threatened species and protect their natural habitats without keeping the animals in captivity.

Women from the Indian village of Turiya

Local women from the Indian village of Turiya holding a meeting. Photo credit: Born Free.

The Living with Tigers program

We specifically fell in love with their Living with Tigers program which is empowering local women in the village of Turiya, India to flourish alongside the tigers. The charities partner, the Satpuda Foundation, are encouraging women to create their own micro-businesses through different vocations, one being the production and sales of local teas or handmade bags.

Womens shop in Turiya, India

The womens’ shop in Turiya, India where they make their products to sell. Photo credit: Born Free.

Other women have become guides in Pench National Park. Situated right next to their village, the women introduce tourists to the wildlife they live alongside. Proud of their work, their habitat and the tigers, these women have found an amazing purpose which helps to educate both the people of the village and those who visit. It’s these women who we’ll be celebrating for International Women’s Day – they’re the true girl bosses.

Born Free Tiger

Just one of the beautiful tigers Born Free has helped. Photo credit: Born Free.

Working together to earn money, the money earnt is then fed back into the community through food programs. These women, with Born Free and the Satpuda Foundation’s help, are mixing up the traditional gender roles for Turiya women. They’re introducing a new way of living for the girls of the village and offering an alternative for future generations.

Born Free is helping to protect the local tigers and support the local woman at the same time. It’s an incredible campaign and once we’d heard about it, we started thinking about how we could help.

What can you do?

mollie makes issue 103

Mollie Makes issue 103

All we’re asking is that you make our little tiger friend from issue 103 and share him on social media with links to the charity’s fundraising page to spread the word. Use #molliemakers too, and we’ll regram as many as possible. And, if you can, please donate to the charity here and help us save more tigers and empower more women!