Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting

#leaf_ladies by @secretsofgreen

Embrace nature and mindfulness with these nature-themed hashtags that’ll inject some greenery into your life and crafts.

From celebrating slow living to using the first buds of spring as inspiration for a new craft project, Instagram is awash with colourful blooms, must-have cacti and views to lust after. Whether the countryside is on your doorstep or you’re living in a city, there are hundreds of hashtags to brighten your mood and inspire you to add nature’s vibrant colours into your makes. We’ve selected our favourite nature-inspired hashtags to start following straight away.

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Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — use #createinspring to share your favourite things about the season.

Photo courtesy of @vanillalemoncake

Started by ceramicist Katie Robbins, #createinspring is the ideal hashtag to share your favourite things about the season where everything bursts into life. Share your spring-inspired makes and what you’re working on as the days get brighter.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — use #leaf_ladies by to share your love of greenery.

Photo courtesy of @ceramicmagpie

#leaf_ladies came about when a group of makers from all over the world wanted to share their love of greenery — as well as the items that plants inspire them to make. It’s a great way to check out how other women bring a love of plants into their crafts — from pottery to pins — and to share your own creations. There’s also the tag #leaf_ladies_habitat to take a look at how other makers use plants into their homes and studios.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — use the hashtag #aseasonalshift to mark the changing seasons.

Photo courtesy of @cherry.rebecca

As we move from a wild winter into a glorious spring, the hashtag #aseasonalshift is the best place to share all the first signs of new life. The tag also works all year round as the seasons shift, and celebrates all the new colours each has to offer.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — follow #quietinthewild to experience the calm of the great outdoors.

Photo courtesy of @gnowangerup_cottage

There’s nothing like the peace and calm you can find in the great outdoors — either in real life or through Insta. #quietinthewild is a great way to share a love of the wildness, whether it’s the coast, countryside or forest that floats your boat.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — use #wipsandblooms to celebrate what you make and the process of creating.

Photo courtesy of @joannehawker

#wipsandblooms is a tag that celebrates not just what you make, but the creativity and process that goes into it. Hosted by A Playful Day and Ceramic Magpie, this is a tag for makers who want to bring a bit of nature into their crafting. Kate O’Sullivan of A Playful Day puts it best when she says that the tag is, “a moment to pause, to reflect and to acknowledge the details of what we are making and crafting. To notice time is passing and enjoy the process.”


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — share the greenery in your home or workspace with #urbanjunglebloggers.

Photo courtesy of @yoko_ymgc

If your home or workspace is filled with foliage, #urbanjunglebloggers is the hashtag for you. Hosted by the blogging duo of the same name, the tag highlights the beauty and benefits of having houseplants. From succulents to palms, find others who fill their favourite places with greenery. They also share two pictures a day of their favourite Instagram snaps from everyone who uses the tag.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — use #natureonthepage to inject some nature into your day.

Photos courtesy @makersflare

Fill your feed with flowers, birds and even frogs with the hashtag #natureonthepage. This tag attracts some awesome photographers, who will get you hooked on their nature-themed snaps. #natureflatlay is another similar tag to check out if you like your photos styled with foraged finds.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — have a look at #underthefloralspell for lots of modern blooms.

Photo courtesy of @textureflorals

If you’re blooming crazy for flowers you’ll be all over #underthefloralspell — a tag where you’ll find some of the most modern blooms you can lay your eyes on. From stunning bunches to single stems, this hashtag is bursting with floral inspiration. Also check out #myfloraldays and #inspiredbypetals for more flowers than a florists on Mother’s Day.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — get some inspiration for your crafting with #inspiredbynature_.

Photo courtesy of @graceandflora

Use the natural world to inspire your makes and then share them with the world using the beautiful tag #inspiredbynature_. Created by Grace and Flora, it’s a riot of warm colours, floral flatlays and bags of outdoorsy inspiration.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — #botanicalpickmeup will give you a lift.

Photo courtesy of @creativeingrid

Feeling a little worn down by the rat race, or fed up of city living? Then search #botanicalpickmeup for plants and flowers to give you a lift. Use the colours and shapes to inspire your creations and to make you feel a little lighter. #plantsmakepeoplehappy is another tag that adds a little joy and can be used to share the pot plants you care for.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — succulent lovers can get their fix with #succulentlove.

Photo courtesy of  @dallavita

Those of you who love succulents (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) can get your fix by using the tag #succulentlove. The feed is filled with the colourful plants potted in a variety of unique ways. There are tons of tags for these little beauties, so check out #succulentaddict and #succulentobsession too.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — #curated_nature is all about flowers and flatlays.

Photo courtesy of @silverpebble2

Out of all the nature-inspired hashtags, #curated_nature has to be our favourite. Created by @permillion44, it’s fit to bursting with beautifully styled pictures of bountiful blooms and stunning flatlays.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — make the most of each season with #embracingtheseasons.

Photo courtesy of @chris.made.this

Whether it’s getting cosy with a crochet blanket in the winter, or feeling the sand between your toes in the summer, #embracingtheseasons is all about making the most of the time of year, and seeing how it inspires you. This tag is great for knitting and crochet inspiration during cooler months.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — shared your nature-inspired finds with #natureinthehands.

Photo courtesy of @elvirasstory

Whether you’ve got green fingers or not, the hashtag #natureinthehands is a gorgeous way to share your nature-inspired finds. From fresh flowers to beautiful botanical flatlays, this tag loves nature you can touch.


Hashtags for nature-inspired crafting — #wildlifeart will give you plenty of illustrated inspiration from the natural world.

Photo courtesy of @chriswilsonstudio

If you’re looking for illustrated inspiration from the natural world, #wildlifeart is for you. This tag lets you see what people are painting, drawing and doodling when it comes to nature. While not strictly nature-inspired, #folkart has some beautiful creations too.

First image courtesy of @secretsofgreen, coasters by @finestimaginary.