Here’s to #molliemakersweek

We’ve just wrapped up our most inspiring week on Insta ever ­and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Our first Instagram challenge, #molliemakersweek, kicked off 2018 in suitably craftastic fashion, with a week of making-themed prompts. From 8th – 14th January we challenged you to interpret daily prompts, ranging from Fave make to Craft goals, and to post pictures and comments based on these. You more than rose to the challenge, creating posts that inspired, touched, amused and impressed us.

Here’s a random selection of your posts (we say random as there are too many epic posts to choose from).

[Row 1, l-r] @crochyayboxes, @pale.and.interested, @indiblue_makes, @madebymeeeshh

[Row 2, l-r] @isabels_makes, @hshandcrafts, @katiejonesknit, @thimblebee

[Row 3, l-r] @snowdropandco, @vickiskowa, flo_and_dot, @littlelapinscrafts

[Row 4, l-r] @marttairene, @delilahiris, @anniegurumi, @shelleydyanart

Mollie Makes in miniature: some tiny mags that made for her daughter’s doll house

Over the week, there were more than 4,000 posts using the hashtag, with loads of grammers commenting on one another’s posts and connecting on Insta too. Luxembourg, Australia, the US, Finland, and Hong Kong… people got involved from more places than we can mention, proving what a global community of crafters we are.

The aim of the challenge was for you to connect, get creative and be inspired, and your posts have definitely achieved this. So here’s to #molliemakersweek and all of you inspirational makers!

  • Aw, thanks for featuring my Crafty Barbie pic, girls! xxx