How to be a Pinterest pro

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Become an expert pinner and grow your creative business or side hustle with our top Pinterest tips from the experts…

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be no stranger to getting lost down a Pinterest rabbit hole, searching out everything from how to sew in a zip, to the latest colour to paint your craft room.

As a result, more and more makers are turning to Pinterest to build their businesses and blogs, but how exactly do you use it to grow your audience? Whether you’re a Pinterest newbie or just want to shake up your pinning, we’ve got the best advice and answers to all your questions from the Pinterest experts…

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Why should I use Pinterest?

Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Pinterest isn’t a social media platform, but a search engine which focuses on images, making it the ideal platform for crafters. If you create visual content, whether that’s finished projects or blog posts, with an incredible 200 million people using Pinterest around the globe every month, it’s a great way to reach new people and find likeminded makers.

Jeweller and Pinterest expert Megan Auman has grown her business with the help of Pinterest and loves it for finding new customers. “What makes Pinterest so great is that it’s really set up to help you get maximum traffic to your site,” she explains.

“With Pinterest, you’re not uploading images directly like on Instagram, but pinning them from wherever they sit on your website. That means that every image lives on Pinterest with an automatic link to your site, making it super easy for someone to see your work, click on it, and come straight to you.”

Zoe Pearson, UK Lead at Pinterest, says it’s not just about work, but also a great tool for bringing out your creative side. “Pinterest is a visual discovery engine and a place for you to explore your interests, plan your life or make decisions. Pinterest enables you to discover the creativity that is inside all of us.”

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What should I pin?

You’ve set up your page, and your finger is hovering over the pin button. But if you’re trying to get more followers, what are the best things to pin? While there are no ‘best practices’, Megan suggests sharing the love instead of just putting up your own makes. “The worst thing you can do on Pinterest is only pin your own work. The more your work appears along other popular work, the more likely it’ll then be shown to others, so mix it up.”

“Aim to pin about 10 other images for every one image of your own work.  You don’t have to seek these from around the web, you can simply re-pin content on Pinterest that you want your work to be in context with, and then sprinkle in your own. Pinning work from other people in your field you also love is really a savvy strategy, as it increases the chances your work will be found!”

She adds, “Think of your Pinterest profile like a lifestyle magazine. I like to think of it as pinning my jewellery, the outfits you’d wear it with, and the room you’d stand in while wearing it!”

Vertical pins stand out the best, especially those with a 2:3 ratio (e.g. 600px wide x 900px high) and square pins also work too. And, don’t forget the text as a good description is more likely to get people clicking.

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How many boards should I have?

Megan advises keeping it simple when it comes to creating boards. “If you’re just starting out, it’s better to start 8-12 boards you know you’ll easily be able to fill with lots of great content.”

Zoe agrees: “The number of boards you have on your profile is entirely up to you. Over the past few months, we’ve introduced new tools that make it easier to plan projects and events, including creating sections within boards, rearranging pins, and archiving boards to help you stay organised.”

Make sure to create boards for current trends too. An easy way to discover what’s trending is to sign up for a Pinterest Business Account, as you’ll get emails keeping you informed on what’s hot right now. And, simply keeping an eye on what your favourite pinners are doing is a great way to stay on top of new trends too. Don’t forget to add keywords to your boards as well as your bio to make them even easier for others to find.

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How often should I pin?

Unlike social media where all your reach typically happens in the first 24 hours, followers on Pinterest continue to grow over time. However, to get maximum followers Zoe suggests a daily approach is best. “Consistent, daily activity is better than once a week. It keeps you visible within the Following tab where people can discover pinners to follow who share the same interests. This will help you to build a dedicated audience,” she explains.

“If you’re trying to increase engagement, start saving pins that are relevant to upcoming trends, seasons and holidays about 45 days before the moment.

If you’re going all out and really want to use it as a tool to grow your craft business, Megan says spending time on it at the start will pay dividends later. “I recommend people pin around 100 pins a day in the beginning, in order to really get things rolling.”

“The beauty of Pinterest is that, once you’ve got an established presence, if you take a few days off it’s not going to hurt anything – especially if you’ve optimised your pins for search.”

Zoe’s five top tips for pinning like a pro…

  1. Always scroll down on a pin to see related ideas to try.
  2. Search for the products and items you see in a pin by tapping the circle icon in the corner of the image.
  3. When you try pins, tap “add photo” to share how it went with others who might want to try it too.
  4. Send a pin to a friend or family member by long pressing on the pin and selecting ‘send’ or tap the ‘send’ icon when you’re viewing a pin close up.
  5. Easily create a pin from the link you most recently copied. When you open the Pinterest app, tap the bottom button to save the link.

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