Monthly hashtag round-up: October

#ColourMyEveryDay by @adventuresandteaparties pin

This month’s best photo challenges and hashtags to inspire your social media…

If you need some inspo for what to post on Insta or Twitter, or you simply want to connect with other makers, the right hashtag can really fire up your imagination. We’ve rounded up the best tags for October and beyond to test your skills, connect you to others, and inspire your creativity…


Photo courtesy of @adventuresandteaparties


The #ColourMyEveryDay tag is back by popular demand! Joanna of @adventuresandteaparties is bringing it back for a week-long challenge in October, kicking off on the 21st. This time, the challenge will be focused on the stunning colours of autumn, with daily prompts to follow along. For an extra dose of inspo, Joanna has curated seven Pinterest boards, one for each day of the challenge. To find out more visit her blog.


Photo courtesy of @inktober


If you can’t help but doodle, #inktober is the hashtag challenge for you. Every October since 2009, illustrator Jake Parker has hosted #inktober to inspire artists across the globe to do one drawing a day for an entire month. Anyone can take part using the daily prompts and any style is allowed, just make sure you’re using ink!


Photo courtesy of @thebigdraw


The Big Draw is the world’s largest drawing festival, aimed at encouraging all ages and abilities to put pencil (or pen) to paper. Not only can the charity’s hashtag #thebigdraw help you find creative events and workshops in your area, but you can join in too. This year’s theme is Living Lines. Use the hashtag #livinglines17 to share your take on the theme, which can be anything from an animation, to something theatrical, technical, or messy.


Photo courtesy of @frillyind


Learn from other sellers, swap tips, tricks, and generally have a lovely chat once a fortnight by using the hashtag #Folksyhour. After a bit of a break for the summer, Folksy Hour is now back on Twitter, every other Tuesday between 8pm and 9pm GMT. Each week has a different theme – from craft fair etiquette, to what to put in a newsletter – and is hosted by a different maker or expert each time. You can also always use the hashtag #feelingfolksy to see what other crafters are working on.


Photo courtesy of @vanamodesigns


If you want to improve your calligraphy or just have an excuse to practise your lettering, @elle_letters hosts a monthly challenge with a new prompt every five days. Use the hashtag #letterwithelle to share your take on the phrases. With a few days between each prompt, you’ll have plenty of time to try out a few different styles and perfect your penmanship.


Photo courtesy of @humphreyandgrace


The nights are drawing in, the leaves are changing colour, and there are conkers all over the place, so celebrate autumn by sharing your fall-inspired pictures with this fun hashtag. The feed for #upandautumn is a riot of autumnal colours, and particularly favoured by UK Instagrammers. It’s a great way to find like-minded people, and see how the world around you is changing one leaf (and cup of tea) at a time.


Photo courtesy of @ellolovey


Everyone loves to doodle, but if you feel guilty about doodling your day away when you should be working, give yourself an excuse to be creative with this Instagram challenge. Created by @ellolovey, #doodleadayoct gives you a list of prompts so you have a focus for your drawing and you can get inspiration by seeing how other illustrators tackle the words.


Photo courtesy of @ellucystitches


We’re always on the look out for inspiring and inclusive girl gangs to join, and Nice Girls Needle Club definitely fits the bill. If you love embroidery, #nicegirlsneedleclub is the hashtag for you to share your makes and get involved with. With follow Fridays, stitch-alongs and some of the prettiest and edgiest embroidery out there, it’s definitely one for stitchers to check out.


Photo courtesy of @abookishbaker


There are tons of slow living hashtags out there for anyone who appreciates the simple things in life, but this is our favourite right now. Use the tag #cherishandrelish_october on any pictures of glorious autumn colours, secret spots you have discovered, quiet moments or anything that makes you really relish the way the nights are drawing in. It’s also a small enough tag to get noticed, but big enough to be filled with some truly inspiring snaps.


Photo courtesy of @gudrunjohnston


With the nights drawing in, what better excuse than to grab your knitting needles and test your skills by trying out a Fair Isle pattern. If you decide to make yourself snuggly by knitting a cosy sweater or some comfy socks in the classic pattern, then share your progress and your successes by using the tag #fairislefriday.


Photo courtesy of @thetextileenthusiast


We want to see what you’ve been making too, so don’t forget to tag #molliemakers on your posts as well! We’d love to hear if you have any good photo challenges or hashtags coming up, or just to see what you’ve been making this month. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook too.