Craft event: The Muse Connection

The Muse Connection - Yarn Swap

Celebrate creativity, share inspiration and come together as crafters at The Muse Connection, an event for musings on colour and community

Sometimes you just need to find time to be creative, an afternoon where you can talk about your latest yarn obsession, day dream aloud about the colour and texture and be in the company of those that just understand. 

The Muse Connection is a series of gatherings where creativity is celebrated, where inspiration is shared and a place where we can come together as crafters. This is made possible through a collaboration between A Playful Day and Curious Handmade, pulling together their two loves: maintaining a playfulness in the everyday and exploring curiosity.

For a few indulgent hours, enjoy inspirational company, at specially chosen venues for some knitting, a little chatter and share some musings on your favourite creative topics.

The first Muse Connection has sold out but keep your eye on their social media accounts to find out where and when the next gathering will be. Search #themuseconnection for and follow A Playful Day and Curious Handmade on Twitter for more details

The Muse Connection event poster