Find your freedom on Instagram with #freeupmyinsta

Have you noticed your Insta feed’s been full of lots of lovely #freeupmyinsta posts lately? With over 6,500 posts (and counting!) the hashtag is really capturing grammers’ imaginations. But what’s it all about?

Lifestyle blogger Allison Sadler came up with the idea of a two-week photo challenge to encourage people to add a slice of reality to their grids. It’s about being able to create and share whatever you want without worrying about getting likes or gaining followers.

There are daily prompts that everyone can follow and interpret in their own way. The challenge launched on 5th July so there’s still time to get involved!

We caught up with Allison to find out more …

Your #freeupmyinsta photo challenge is taking Instagram by storm! What inspired you to launch it?

I decided to launch the #freeupmyinsta photo challenge because I was feeling bored and uninspired by seeing the same type of image again and again on Instagram. We are constantly being told how to improve and curate what we share to win on social media and I think the pressure for people to follow a ‘formula’ to build numbers, secure likes and beat the algorithms had started to quash creativity and take the fun out of sharing.

Boo to all of that! I wanted to flip the focus back to encouraging people to share whatever they want freely, purely for fun and because it makes them happy. No pressure, no rules, just the to freedom to post random moments of life as they happen.

Each day’s challenges are really capturing people’s imaginations – what was your thinking behind the categories?

I didn’t want to dictate what people should share each day as the whole challenge was designed to be free, although I was very tempted to write “share whatever the hell you want for a fortnight!”. I decided a gentle nudge might be just what was needed to get people’s imagination and creativity going. I chose words and prompts that reflect everyday life and could be interpreted in a million different ways.

What’s been your favourite day so far?

Definitely day six, when the theme was “you”. I purposely left this one until further on in the challenge when people had warmed up a bit because it’s not always easy sharing a selfie or picture of yourself. The response was amazing and people were so brave. I thought my heart might explode with love! Seeing so many beautiful faces pop up in the gallery was the best and the stories shared alongside the pics were so touching and inspiring too.

Why do you think people have responded so positively?

The response to this project has been AMAZING because other people were very obviously fed up with seeing and sharing the same things too. I mean how many times can we share another picture of our homes from a different angle or, dare I say it, peonies too? Enough already! It’s just not sustainable and leads to Insta boredom and burnout, whereas everyday life throws up new photo opportunities to capture every day and you don’t have to do anything extraordinary to join in. It was definitely time for change and people have welcomed and embraced it wholeheartedly.

What are your top three tips to readers to get the most out of Instagram?

Be yourself, share whatever you like your way, and have loads of fun!