Just A Card Day stories

Just A Card

Last month’s Just A Card Day saw makers take to social media to share their stories about their creative journeys, and why it’s important that we shop independent. We’ve rounded up some of their posts to share with you, in celebration of the Just A Card campaign and all the makers out there.
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Just A Card Day


“I started embroidery as a hobby five years ago and during my maternity leave decided to share the love. I plucked up the courage to put my ideas online. It’s a big step to put your passion and work out there, but those who shop handmade make little businesses like mine possible,” Charlie, @charlie_and_stitch.

Just A Card Day


“I cannot put into words how good it feels when someone buys something you’ve made. So today go and help someone do the happy dance, even if it’s just a card,” Anne Marie, @annemariecortis.

Just A Card


“… There really is no such thing as #justacard. Because when you buy from a small business owner like myself, that card means the whole world, especially if you’re having a day where it feels like it might not all work out the way you want it to,” Ashleigh, @bertillustration.

Just A Card Day


“Your continued support really does mean the world to me and my little family and all the amazing folks I stock. I get to do the job I love everyday, and hopefully be a presence and community on an ever-changing high street,” Debbie, @komoonko.


“It’s [Just A Card’s] a challenge and an encouragement to us all about how and where we spend our cash, and has certainly challenged me to increasingly try to #shopsmall and support small business owners. I know I certainly do a happy dance every time I get an order!” Cath, @hopeandginger.

Just A Card Day


“Let me let you into a little secret: I’m not really selling jewellery – buying from a small business isn’t about the product itself – it’s the feeling, the emotion, the love and realness from one human being to another, Sophie, @onetenzeroseven.