Mollie Makes' guide to thrifting, part 2: How to shop for vintage treasures

In part two of our guide to thrifting, we talk budgets, bargaining and the best time to buy secondhand vintage treasures

Be methodical

The sheer scale of boot sales or flea markets can sometimes be overwhelming. Pick a route and cover a section at a time: zig-zagging and flitting from stall to stall can get confusing.

Allocate a slot

Thrifting is fun, but all that rummaging can take time. Ensure you’ve blocked out a set slot so it stays fun and stress-free.

The time to buy

Is when you see it. You never know when you’ll spot another item like it. However…

Set a budget

You don’t want to bankrupt yourself in the process. Be sensible about what you’re spending: pick a figure and stick to it.

Bargaining power

While we would never haggle in a charity shop, people expect a bit of bartering at boot sales and flea markets. If you’re buying a few items from the seller, see if they will offer a discount for bulk purchases.

Check your items over

Even thought most older items will have suffered wear and tear, it’s important to check for damage. It’s best to get electrical items tested before you use them at home. If an item needs parts, research the cost and availability of them online before agreeing a price with the seller.