16 good-enough-to-eat fruity DIYs and foodie tutorials

16 surprisingly useful foodie and fruity DIY projects you’ll want to try this weekend. How do you like them pineapples? (Ahem.)

This month we’re obsessing over zesty fruits; our favourite tropical style buys are in Mollie Makes 43. Flick to page 16 for the collection plus 3 DIY projects inspired by the trend. While searching for those tropical tasties in issue 43 we uncovered more oh-so scrummy food related DIYs. Want to know what they are? Presenting the crafty cuisine including crochet food patterns, birthday cake piñatas and pizza garlands. Grab a napkin and tuck in.

1. How to Crochet Tutti Frutti Potholders

Hooray for potholders of the fruity variety! Hook up 3 variations with crafts.tutsplus.com
Free crochet pattern-fruity-pot-holders

2. DIY Birthday Cake Piñata

We’re all for party piñatas! Get the full tutorial from Studio DIY

3. Granny Square Biscuits

Make a batch of crochet biscuits for the ultimate craft party. Get the full tutorial on One Sheepish Girl
Granny square cookies

4. Crochet Doughnuts pattern

Get your teeth into a crochet doughnut tutorial from Little Things Blogged
crochet donuts pattern

5. Crochet Pineapple Washcloth and Appliqué

Get the full tutorial from Persia Lou
Croceht facecloth pineapple

6. Strawberry Printable Ice Cream Cone Wrappers

Scoffable printables, ahoy! Get them from Design Eat Repeat

7. Smoked Sausage Free Crochet Pattern

Get the full pattern on Den Dennis
Crochet pattern smoked sausage

8. DIY: Cake Pouches with Zips

Get the tutorial on Ice Pandora
DIY crochet cake slice pouches

9. DIY Ice Cream Cone Elbow Patches

Get the full tutorial on Studio DIY

10. DIY Banana Chips Clay Necklace

Tally your banana chips with Stars for Streetlights
Banana necklace DIY

11. DIY Pizza Slice Garland (Free Printable)

Great excuse to have a night in with your bestie and pizza! Get the tute from Kittedhood
Pizza Slice Garland printable

12. Paper Ice Cream Printables

Get them from Mr Printables

13. Fruity DIY Zip Purse

Keep your sewing essential in a fruity zip purse by The Lovely Drawer
Fruit DIY zip purse pattern

14. DIY Strawberry Print

Print a strawberry poster using strawberries! Find the DIY on Hello Lucky

15. Crochet Sweets Pattern

Use scraps of yarn to make a bowl of pastel sweets to use as a centre piece for parties or as christmas tree decorations. Find the sweet crochet pattern on Lulu Loves

16. How to Make a Jammie Dodger Biscuit

Get the full tutorial here

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