20 ways with honeycomb paper pom poms

20 creative ways to decorate your home and beyond with honeycomb paper pom poms, including pom pom mobiles, gift wrap inspiration and wedding decs… Hand make a colourful batch with Mollie Makes 44, out now

We’ve always admired these honeycomb-style tissue poms – such gorgeous floaty explosions of colour. And hurray! Turns out they’re super-easy to make. Flick to page 21 for the how-to, or download issue 44 today to get the honeycomb pom pom tutorial and more.

Here’s 20 ways to decorate your home, craft room or wedding with honeycomb pom poms sourced from lovely crafty blogs and Pinterest. Take a peek at our Interiors board for more DIY ideas, home inspiration and free craft tutorials.

1. Wrap it up

Honeycomb pom pom wrapping presents idea

Source: minted.com

2. Simple cot mobile inspiration

Honeycomb pom pom mobile

Source: 101woonideeen

3. Pink party Instagram-ing corner

Pink paper honeycomb pom pom corner

Source: 100layercakelet.com

4.Updated bed canopy veil

Pom pom bedroom decor idea

Source: 6thstreetdesignschool.blogspot.co.uk

5. Pom pom toppers for birthday or wedding cakes

Pom pomhoneycomb cake topper

Source: Pinterest

6. DIY honeycomb pom pom Christmas tree

Honeycomb pom pom Christmas tree

Source: Studio DIY 

7. Stick ’em up! Mini honeycomb pom pom toothpicks

Mini Honeycomb pom pom fruit picks

Source: asubtlerevelry.com

8. Tweeting honeycomb pom poms


Source: ohhappyday.com

9. Window displays for craft shops

Honeycomb pom pom decor ideas

Source: mokkasin.blogspot.no

10. DIY balloon-shaped honeycomb pom poms

Honeycomb pom pom garland DIY

Source: studiodiy.com

11. Party accessories for straws and more

Honeycomb pom pom party straw

Source: stylestek.nl

12. Wedding cake table decoration

Honeycomb pom pom wedding decor

Source: weddingchicks.com

13. Easy wedding table runner

Honeycomb pom pom wedding table decor

Source: lovelyfestevents.com

14. Fun photos with paper poms

Tissue paper pom pom cloud

Source: etsy.com

15. Make tissue tassels for honeycomb poms

Honeycomb pom pom with tissue paper tassles

Source: Pinterest

16. DIY multi-coloured paper pom pom garland

DIY Honeycomb garland

Source: ohhappyday.com

17. Easy tute for fruity party poms

DIY strawberry honeycomb tissue paper pom pom1

Source: thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

18. Geometric honeycomb pom pom wall art

Geometric honeycomb pom pom heart

Source: mokkasin.blogspot.no

19. Super-sweet baby shower decor

Half circle honeycomb pom pom wall decor

Source: pnpflowersinc.com

20. Christmas baubles and pom pom mash-up

Honeycomb and Christmas baubles decor ideas

Source: studiodiy.com