5 ways to get Tamsyn Morgans’ vintage look at home

Tamsyn Morgans’ Norwich home is colourful and eclectic, with a vintage vibe. Here’s how to get the look…

1. Frame your vintage treasures

Framing your favourite vintage items in a deep box frame is a great way to display your pieces, all while conserving. As seen in the first image below, Tamsyn has framed a set of vintage purses and displayed them above her dressing table. Couple with an opalescent capiz lampshade and you’ve got the look.

2. Create romance with soft lighting

In almost every room in Tamsyn’s home you’ll find vintage lamps and lampshades adding a soft, romantic mood to the space. When scouring for your own secondhand treasures such as these, think pleated fabric and tassel trims. Choose coloured glass lamp bases for extra vintage vibes.

3. Display vintage trinkets

Look at that shelfie! Often a lot of the vintage things we find, such as our precious haberdashery, gets stuffed into a craft drawer. No more, it’s high time we display them, wouldn’t you say? Fill jars with trinkets, ribbons or even vintage Christmas decoration and line ’em up along a floating shelf or on top of a painted cabinet.

4. Hide unsightly modern day must-haves

Useful things don’t always come in ‘vintage’. For that, dears, there are clever storage ideas such as a stack of vintage tins. Cram all the goodies you need but don’t want seen in them and place where convenient: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, living room – tins look at home just about anywhere.

5. Always go pastel

You can’t do vintage interiors without embracing pastel furniture. From dining tables to cabinets and shelves – fall in love with your furniture all over again by giving them a pastel makeover. Don’t forget to fake that distressed look using fine-grit sandpaper.

Photos © Matt Keal for Mollie Makes

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  • I love an excuse to look into houses, Tamsyn’s place is gorgeous too! x

  • Hapinesswherever

    Oh my gosh, this is totally inspiring me to give my place a makeover! Maybe that should be the topic of my next blog post 🙂