Buyer's guide: Pinboard paraphernalia

January is the month for getting organised. Pinboard at the ready, all we need now is pins!

We’ve made the cloud pinboard from Mollie Makes 35 (page 65) and we’re ready to get pinning! These accessories are just what we need to get organised – pinboard paraphernalia a-plenty.

[Clockwise from top-left] 1. This clever calendar hangs from a pinboard, and has it’s own little cork hanger. Nifty. Pinboard Calendar from WitShop. 2. How’s your aim? These archery tacks made us smile. From Pure Home. 3. There’s always room for more pom poms in our life. Push Pins from Anthropologie.

4. Tweet tweet! This little bird push pins are quite at home flying past our cloud pinboard. Tiny bird push pins from Tables and Temari, Etsy. 5. Go analogue with these typewriter key push pins, Thee Letter Q Handmade, Etsy.

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