Collecting vintage deer

Oxford-based blogger and photographer Natasha Denness of Candy Pop keeps her eyes peeled for deer…

Vintage fawn radio and vase by Candy Pop copy

“I always have and I always will be a collector. My parents collected – anything from antique dolls to Swiss chalets. My mum would attend doll fairs in London and my dad would get up early on Sundays to visit car boot sales, so it was inevitable some of this madness would rub off on me!

My love of deer began at a young age after watching the 1946 film The Yearling. My mum had the book and I recall gazing at the fawn image on the cover and wishing I could have one as a pet. My collection really started to bloom when I moved out of London just over 10 years ago. Since then I seem to have acquired over 50 vintage deer – it’s really quite a herd! I’m trying not to buy anymore, but if I spot a rare one I usually snap it up. I don’t shop for deer, I simply keep my eyes peeled when I’m out and about. Let’s just say the Bambi radar is always on!

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I have found vintage deer in charity shops, antique centres and flea markets. Friends and family buy them for me and people even post them to me – the most recent came all the way from a blogger in Australia! My best fi nd is a vintage print called Enchanted Glade by Vernon Ward. I hunted high and low for this print, only to be told by my mum that my late grandmother used to have one hanging in her hallway. I fi nally won one on eBay – the auction ended the day of my grandma’s birthday. I like to think it was hers, even though it came from Kent and she lived in Herefordshire.

I’m searching for a 1970s Bambi print. I saw one on Etsy once, but as soon as I tried to pay it sold. The print very rarely appears, I can only assume those who have one don’t want to part with it. My top collecting tip is simple – enjoy yourself – and my second tip is to share your hobby. There are lots of meets for collectors. I’ve made some wonderful friends through blogging, photography and collecting, and I hope I continue to do so.”

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This article first appeared in Mollie Makes 34

Vintage fawn collection featured in Mollie Makes 34