Creative corners: Craft room ideas to pinch

This week we’re looking at ways to give our creative spaces a bit of a refresh. Whether you have a dedicated craft room or like making in front of the telly, these girl-bosses and designers have great ideas you can pinch for adding some pizazz to your own creative corner.

A few good tips for your craft room:

• Be organised and logical about what goes where.

• Have the things you use most frequently close to hand to maximise your productivity.

• Put your tools and supplies on display – a vintage sewing machine, jam jars full of ribbons or a French knitting dolly all add character to your space.

• Fill your space with things that make you happy and inspire you.

• Make the area as comfortable as possible so that the space is really inviting to really spend time in.

1. Fill your pinboard with things that inspire you like half finished projects, your favourite colour combinations, ribbon and photos.

Davina Drummond’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 42 | Photo © Kristy Noble Photography

2. Have a colour that puts you in a particularly creative mood? Add it to your craft space by painting a chair, matching your storage to it or cover the walls in it!

Kati Peschke’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 75 | Photo © Kristy Noble Photography

3. Renting? Hang a wire wall grid above your desk and display your framed prints on it, along with other crafty bits and bobs.

Joost and Maaike van der Steen’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 49 | Photo © Henny van Belkom


4. You don’t need an entire room to get creative. A comfy chair and a basket for your craft materials will do just fine.

Erin Barrett’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 69 | Photo © Rachel Red Photography

5. All the stuff everywhere! If you find creativity in chaos then who are we to stop you from hanging ribbons from the ceiling, draping everything in vintage fabrics or washi-taping pretty postcards to the walls?

Vicky Trainor’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 53 | Photo © Helen Cathcart

6. Little nooks are prefect spaces for getting your craft on. Fit a high shelf, line with jam jars of craft materials and you’ve got yourself a craft space of dreams.

Madam le Broc’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 61 | Photo © Kasia Fiszer

7. Look behind Jonna… see the fabrics hung from the picture rails? Gorgeous, isn’t it?

Jonna Saarinen’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 73 | Photo © Fiona Murray

8. This desk serves as both a functional space and a display cabinet – a clever idea to pinch!

Marlous Snijder’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 38 | Photo Van Belkom Producties

9. If you’re not an all-the-things-on-display kind of crafter, perhaps investing in a tall chest of drawers for hiding those unsightly glue guns and fabric scraps is the way to go? Only the best bits need showing off, after all.

Leigh Metcalf’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 63 | Photo © Kasia Fiszer

10. If you have the space for it, an L-shaped desk is perfect for multi-crafters. It means you can get creative on one end of the desk and take pics of your creations on the other – always be Insta-ready.

Allison Sadler’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 72 

11. Not allowed to put up shelves? Stack your craft books (and copies of Mollie, ahem!) instead.

Emma Cassi’s home tour featured in Mollie Makes 58 | Photo © Corinne Schant Angel


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