The Crush Catalogue: Awesomeness

In celebration of International Day of Awesomeness (10 March), we’re browsing the online shops of creative folks with totally awesome products. Here’s a look at cool things we’ve found…


1. If you’re a crafter, we say you’re already doing awesome things, but a little motivation doesn’t hurt, right? Get this wooden laser cut banner necklace from Ladybird Likes.

2. This embroidered patch will take you from cool to kewl in less than 5. Get it from Cubb Kids.

3. Only a Girl & Bird glitter clutch can match your sparkle. Get it from the Mollie Makes Shop.


4. The Land of Nod has a selection of night lights we’d ‘pretend to’ be afraid of the dark for. These Gummy Bear lights are too cute to confine to the bedside table. So, wall candy they become!

Awesome card

5. Just a little note to say… you’re awesome. Love from, Crazy Bear Studio.

6. Na na na na na na na na… BOOKSHELF! Treat tiny heroes to That’s Mine Batman bookshelves from Lullabuy.

7. As well as reminding us to eat tasty fruit, the Tell Love and Party cork board DIY make to-do lists look a lot more fun.

Happy Sprinkles Cushion

8. He may look like your average kawaii cushion, but this nom-some sprinkle face comes with no calories! Find this and more in the Mollie Makes Shop.

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