How to make simple felt storage bins

DIY storage ideas: How to make a wool felt storage bin

A place for every thing and every thing in its place. Use our DIY storage basket project to get organised this spring

Unless you’re a very disciplined maker, you’re likely to find everything in one place, like a drawer where things magically reappear, or in the craft corner under a heap of yarn (and by craft corner we mean the house, in its entirety). But there’s hope for us yet!

This sturdy wool felt storage basket, which can be made in one single evening, will help you get organised. They’re not just for craft stuff either, you can use them anywhere in your home from the knicker drawer to the kitchen. Here’s how to make one…DIY felt storage tubs 2

You will need:
• A sheet of thick wool felt (we used 4mm-thick piece)
• Needle and thread
• Tailor’s chalk
• Scissors
• Buttons
• Pattern paper

This wool felt storage tub is super quick and easy to make. Decide on the size of its ‘footprint’ and measure out a square onto your pattern paper. Repeat the same size square above, below and to the left and right of the original square to form a ‘+’ symbol. Cut out your template and pin to your wool felt. Then cut out the wool felt, fold each side up and stitch the corners in place. Decorate with buttons (why not use the free one’s in Mollie Makes issue 52) and you’re done!

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