Five prints to brighten up your home

Posterlounge palm leaf print

This blog post is sponsored by Posterlounge

Prints are the ultimate way to spruce up your home without doing a full makeover. Whether it’s a gallery wall or a statement print above the bed, having artwork in your home will give it a new lease of life. Our pals over at the Posterlounge have rounded up five fab prints for you to browse and pick your fave. They’ve even given you Mollie makers a 15% discount (Code: PL15MOLLIE) to use until 9th June 2019! What a nice bunch. 

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Aerial Beach View print

Nothing screams summer more than lying on the beach by the sea, with the breeze in your hair. With ‘Aerial View of People on Summer Holiday’ by Radu Bercan, you can take this summer feeling with you to any room in your home. When printed on acrylic glass, the bird’s-eye view has the most lifelife sense of depth.

  1. Palm Leaves

Palm Leaves print

These palm leaf prints by Mareike Böhmer Photography are ideal for those nature lovers who weren’t blessed with green fingers. The simple yet beautiful designs are guaranteed to stay luscious and leafy, while the wooden material provides an additional natural touch and helps create a calming atmosphere in your home.

  1. Pretty Popsicle

Pretty Popsicle print

We all have fond memories of those rocket-shaped ice lollies, which is why ‘Take Off’ by Tracie Andrews is great for giving you that summer throwback in the comfort of your own home. The light pastel colours of the design have a calming feel, making it just the thing to hang in your child’s bedroom, or even your own.

  1. Coral Agate

Coral Agate print

In keeping with the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019, Living Coral, Emanuela Carratoni has created this eye-catching beauty,  aptly titled ‘Agate in coral’. Mount it in a black wooden frame from Posterlounge to contrast the rich shades, creating must-have wall art for a monochrome home.

5. Rose Gold Typography

C’est la Vie print

Everything sounds better in French, which is exactly what Uma 83 Oranges took advantage of when creating this simple typography poster. This upbeat design in rose gold, ‘C’est la vie’, can be hung as a small reminder to not let life get you down.


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This blog post is sponsored by Posterlounge