How to get the vintage look (part 2): Crochet blanket styling

Draped over the back of contemporary sofas or piled high on the reading chair: here’s how to get the vintage look with crochet blankets.

This week’s How to get the Vintage Look features 8 crochet blanket styling ideas, some of which are either well-established looks in your home, while the rest we’re confident you’ll want to pilot this winter. If crochet granny squares are stacked high ready for joining in your home, let these ways with blankets be your motivation to whip stitch them together. Find our favourite crochet blanket styling ideas below, with a couple of free patterns to pin at the end. Enjoy x


Off the wall

Emma Lamb‘s new book, Crochet Home includes 20 crochet patterns. This gorgeous display of blankies is one of them. We like the way it makes even the walls look huggable.

Crochet kitchen table cloth

Granny square table cloth

Neat idea from! But if you’re precious about keeping your crochet blankets in mint condition, you may want to steer clear of this crochet blanket turned table cloth.

Granny Square cabinet door Crochet cabinet door copy

Crochet cabinet doors

Everything is tidy behind these doors. Ahem. By

Styling by Meyer Lavigne crochet blanket sofa

Cosy sofa

Every vintage-lover’s home needs a designate sofa such as this, styled by

Vintage suitcase filled with crochet blankets

Holiday essentials

Keep your prettiest crochet granny square blankets on display in a vintage suitcase. It also shows how prepared you are for last-minute winter escapes. Via @crochetgirl99.

Crochet lace curtain by A beach Cottage

Crochet lace curtain

Keep the cold winter air at bay with Sarah of A Beach Cottage’s simple blanket curtain.

Crochet blanket autumn picnic

Vintage style picnic

Feeling brave? Head out, crochet blankets tucked under each arm for a late (very late) summer picnic. Image via

According to Matt colourful crochet blanket

Crochet blanket throw

Crochet throws: the good old fashioned way to get the vintage look. By According to Matt.

Good Knits doily crochet blanket patterns Good Knits doily crochet blanket patterns

Free doily crochet blanket pattern

By Good Knits


Free one-stitch crochet blanket pattern

By Purl Bee

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