Free Wool Week wallpaper for your gadgets

Free iPad wallpaper Wool Week | Mollie Makes

Meet Purl, a knitting superhero designed by Irena Sophia. Download our free wallpaper inspired by Wool Week for your mobiles and tablets

We’ve showered with knits in celebration of Wool Week with everything from bobble hats and ripple stitch cushions to matching knitwear for your kinfolk (you’ve got to see this!). Although today marks the end of Wool Week 2014, we’re asking you to blanket desktops, mobiles and gadgets everywhere with a wallpaper that’ll continue to remind us of how remarkable yarn is.

Free desktop wallpaper Wool Week | Mollie Makes

This particular wallpaper might also inspire this year’s Halloween costume! Meet Purl, a knitting superhero designed by Irena Sophia. We’ve also thrown in versions for your iPad and iPhone, too. Click, save image, and set as wallpaper.

Enjoy! xx

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