Luxe metallic cake decorating

Golds, sequins and sparkles, treat your bakes to a decadent makeover…


How to give a cake a metallic sequin look

You will need:
• Fondant covered cake
• Piping gel or edible glue (available at Tesco or speciality cake supply shops)
• Edible confetti sprinkles (available at Waitrose or Tesco)
• Gold dust (available at speciality cake supply shops)
• Vodka
• Wide paintbrush


Step 1
Cover your prepared cake with fondant icing.


Step 2
Cover the entire cake with piping gel or edible glue using the wide paintbrush. It doesn’t dry too quickly so no need to rush this step.

Step 3
Dispense a handful of confetti sprinkles and press them gently onto the top and sides of the cake with a firm touch. Don’t be afraid to press with a decent amount of force.


Step 4
Allow the piping gel or edible glue to dry completely. This can take an hour or so in the fridge, or let it set at room temperature until it’s touch dry. Ensure the confetti sprinkles are firmly attached before painting.

Step 5
Mix the gold dust with vodka until it reaches a thick, paint-like consistency. The vodka will act as a ‘carrier’ for the gold dust, and later evaporate completely.

cake-decorating-ideas-sequin-metallic-cake-decorating-mollie-makes-step-6 cake-decorating-ideas-sequin-metallic-cake-decorating-mollie-makes-step-6b

Step 6
Using the wide paintbrush, paint the cake with the mixture until it is completely covered. If it needs touching up, be sure to check it’s dry first.

Step 7
Let the cake dry overnight in the fridge, then decorate with fruit, fresh flowers, or figurines.


Project by Laura Mitchell

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