Monday moodboard: In the kitchen

Monday moodboard: in the kitchen

Rustic charm and a splash of colour: today’s moodboard finds kitchenware to match the crocheted potholders from issue 31 of Mollie Makes

Monday moodboard: in the kitchen

Emma Lamb’s crocheted potholders channeled Tom and Barbara from The Good Life and their simple, self-sufficient lifestyle. Want the look? Go shopping for kitchenware that’s earthy, charming and colourful.

[Top row, left to right] 1. This fifties style mug is just the right size for your breakfast cuppa. Festival mug, Howkapow. 2. Habitat has always been the go-to shop for well-designed, affordable kitchenware, and this Courbe mug is no exception. 3. A milk jug always adds a touch of formality to a tea party. This hand-thrown ceramic number is by The Village Pottery. 4. How cute are these mushroom measuring spoons? By Molly Hatch for Anthropologie. 5. Get mixing in this roomy Dulcie mixing bowl, Anthropologie.

[Middle row, left to right] 6. A chunky, sycamore bread board adds style to the most functional of kitchen essentials, Baileys Home and Garden. 7. This hand-printed tea towel is made of a recycled flour sack, by LEFTright.

[Bottom row, left to right] 8. An unbleached tea towel printed with lemon stripes adds zing to your washing up, by Red, Yellow and Blue Ink. 9. Sup your hot chocolate from these latte bowls, Swiss-style. By Anthropologie. 10. Is it a spoon? Is it a spatula? It’s a multipurpose wooden cooking utensil, handmade by jordanmart. 11. Wood you like salad? Handcarved acacia salad bowls by Muji.


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