My Space: Jennie Larsen

Looking for a craft space to call your own? Mum of four, Jennie Larsen, tells us how she transformed a part of her bedroom into a cosy, creative corner

“I’m mother to four darling, silly and active kids and the founder of the CraftOManiac website. I live in Utah, and I love to spend my days cooking, decorating and crafting. My husband and I are truly best friends and we’ve been married for nearly 13 years. Life is crazy, creative and wonderful.

My craft space came about when the workspace behind our kitchen table was bursting at the seams with supplies, and my kids could no longer eat at the table. A nook in our master bedroom was ideal for a crafty space, so I got busy. I created a curtain to attach to my craft table, so I can store stuff underneath. I also have cubbies, shelves and bags to hold supplies.”

“I recovered this lamp [pictured in the left-hand shot above] with fabric and ribbon. The burlap tags are embellished with cut letters. The cork board below is where I show off some of my favourite items.

The craft scissors station was once a ‘lady’ jewellery holder, but I spray-painted her and made her some clothes! I organise my supplies through jars, buckets, containers, shelves and hooks. Every craft supply has its home.”

“The most important things in my studio are the pictures of my kids. They inspire me and, when I can craft and do something for them or with them, it’s even better.”


Keep up with Jennie and her craftin’ antics over on her website.