Your New Year's resolution? Leanne Garrity shares hers

New Year's resolution

With just one day left of 2013, we’ve been pondering our New Year’s resolution. What will 2014 hold?New Year's resolution

We asked regular contributor and crafter supreme, Leanne Garrity, to share her views on New Year’s resolutions. What will next year hold for her?

Is it just me or is it the sad truth that all too often, despite much planning and anticipation, New Year’s Eve ends up being just another night? The words underwhelming and anti-climactic spring to mind – it could actually be any other day. And yet, what the occasion stands for is priceless. It serves as a marker in time, a point by which we can somehow quantify and measure our dreams and successes. It’s a life checkpoint.

It reminds us to take pause from the daily humdrum that we all, to some extent, fall prey to. In an ever-modernising world, where work days blend into work nights and weekends are packed with chores and errands, where there is little distinction between work and play, we need New Year’s Eve now more than ever, to remind us what we value in life; to prompt us to chuck in the bad habits and prepare to be the best we can be in the year to come. So what will be my New Year’s resolution?

The answer is staring us right in the face. Oh happy friends, laptop and tablet, we’ve been through so much together. You are often the first thing I wake to and the last thing I see before sleep takes over. When you go ‘ping’ I drop everything and jump to attention like a well-drilled soldier. Whenever we travel, I treat you like my firstborn, protect you from rough-handed baggage attendants, lay you gingerly in the x-ray tray. You have become an extension of me, a limb I’d struggle to live without.

But struggle I must, this I vow to do next year. After all, less time with you means more time spent with non-electronic entities. What do you call them again? Oh that’s right: people, in the flesh. Less time spent searching for stuff on you equates to more exploration of the real world. Don’t get me wrong, I could never shun you completely, you also represent a lot that is good. I cherish living in your global village, and bathing in your vast depth of knowledge. But my obsession with you has been distracting me from the world on my very own doorstep.

So I’m going to switch logging in for stepping out, and I urge you, dear reader, to do the same. Instead of browsing the internet on your way to work, try really seeing your surroundings. Refrain from those fleeting thought fragments on virtual platforms, rather tune in to the stories all around you. Make it an experiment and discover that, although you may not have checked your emails in the last 20 minutes, life, strangely enough, goes on.

Leanne is a London-based designer-maker. She runs her own indie fashion accessories label, Chichidee Handmade.

This feature originally appeared in issue 12 of Gathered by Mollie Makes – buy now