Party ideas: Paper pinwheels

Here’s a pretty paper pinwheel tutorial by the queen of party ideas, Lucille Randall

Fill mason jars with sugary treats and summery pinwheels for quick-and-easy party ideas.

You’ll need:
• A printer
• White paper or card
• Scalpel
• Pencils topped with erasers
• Pearl-headed pins
• Metal safety ruler
• Small pliers
• Wire cutters

Step 1: Print out the two-page document back-to-back on white paper or card. Use a ruler and scalpel to cut out the squares and then, following the guidelines, snip in towards the centre.

Step 2: Use a pin to prick small holes where indicated on the printout. Next, fold over each corner with a hole towards the centre and push the pin all the way through. You can use your double-sided design whichever way round you like.

Step 3: Secure your pinwheel to the pencil by pushing the pin through the eraser. Use small pliers to bend the end of the pin into a loop and snip off the excess with wire cutters.

This tutorial was originally featured in issue 3 of Gathered by Mollie Makes. Available on the iTunes Store now.

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