My space: Lise Meunier

Thinking of setting up a craft corner at home? Lise Meunier reveals how vintage knick knacks triggers creative thought in her work space

Craft room knick knacks

[Above] “I like to change how my accessories are organised according to how I feel.”

“I’ve always lived in or near Paris, and am lucky that there are so many markets here to furnish my studio. I have a lot of small furniture, boxes and a wardrobe – all flea market buys.

I try to book my appointments on certain days, so I can work long hours on my ceramics here in my studio without stopping – I’m more productive this way because one idea tends to lead to another. It also reduces mess, as working with clay is a dusty business! It gets everywhere.

The only thing I’d change about this space is having an oven here. Right now, I share one with a potter in another space, and I have to carry my projects over to fire them – there’s always the issue of my work being extremely fragile!

When I finish, I like to present my work, even if it means there are small things scattered everywhere!”

[Featured image] “I’m inspired by the objects around me – I create a universe with them. The red ceramic apple was made long ago by my stepfather – who’s actually an animal sculptor. The furniture here is from my little house in the Auvergne.”

Vintage thrifty finds

[Above] Most objects in my studio are lucky finds – I even found some of them in the street. The swan came from a charity shop, and the mushroom was from a well-known haberdashery in Paris called La Droguerie.

diy doily wire lampshade

[Above] “A friend of mine makes wire sculptures and made this for me. I then sewed doilies together to make it into a lampshade. It hangs above our dining table, which is next to my desk.”

porcelain vase

[Above] “I found the small animals on the table at a garage sale. The owl is from a Chinese shop in my neighbourhood, Belleville – which is also one of the largest Chinatowns in Paris. I display them next to my own work.”

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