Tips for looking after house plants

The house plant is back (and not a spider plant in sight!). Create a pretty indoor country garden or a striking display of succulents then follow our tips for looking after them.

Don’t be put off by any previous disasters, you’re not the only one to have loved your plant to death (overwatering plants is the most common gardening oversight). Follow the golden rules of how to keep your house plants happy and your indoor garden will thrive.

6 ways how not to kill your house plants

1. Position with care. Choose plants that suit the light levels and temperature of the room in which they’ll be positioned – don’t expect a sun-loving plant to thrive in a cold, shady area.

2. Avoid extremes. Windowsills in direct sunlight will be too hot for most house plants. Don’t place them over direct sources of heat, such as radiators. Make sure you keep delicate plants away from drying draughts.

3. Pot on regularly. You should aim to repot your house plants into larger pots every two years or so to help them thrive. Use a good compost such as GroChar from Carbon Gold.

4. Water wisely. Don’t overwater house plants – adding drainage material to the bottom of the pot will help to keep roots aerated and ensure they don’t drown.

5. Allow to rest. During the winter, move plants to a cooler position – most plants are dormant at this time, so don’t need as much sunlight. Reduce the amount of water and food you provide to prevent mould and root rot. Move plants away from windows, which will be too cold in winter.

6. Be vigilant. Learn to recognise potential problems early on before a pest infestation or other physiological problems kill off your plants. Danger signs for low air humidity include flower buds falling off, leaves withering and leaves with brown tips. Signs of high humidity include mould, rot and soft growth.

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