Crochet pattern: Update a blanket with crochet leaves

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Have you heard? This week is Crochet Week on the Mollie Makes website! So, in the spirit of all things yarn-y, here’s a gorgeous blanket upcycling tutorial by Ilaria Chiaratti that you just have to seecrochet leaf tutorial - molliemakes.comAs you know, we’re celebrating all things crochet this week – partly because the brand new magazine Simply Crochet is now on sale, but also because we flippin’ love crochet. And don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it yet, there’s a fab video tutorial from the gals at The Making Spot that’ll help you get started.

How to make crochet leaves

You will need:
• 1 skein of Annell Rapido in each colour: chocolate (3201), brown (3211), sand (3361), rust (3208), kanadu (3245), ochre (3206), French blue (3239) or 50g of Aran yarn in each colour: chocolate, brown, sand, rust, green, ochre and blue
• 5mm (UK 6, US H/8) crochet hook
• 7mm (UK 2, US K/10½) crochet hook
• Tapestry needle
• Sewing needle
• Cotton thread

crochet leaf tutorial - mollie makes |

The leaf design is a simple chain, with a row each of crochet, either side. Nice and easy.

Abbreviations: ss = slip stitch; dc = double crochet; htc = half treble crochet; tr = treble crochet

leaf crochet - mollie makes |

Step 1: Ch14

leaf crochet - mollie makes |

Step 2

Step 2: Row 1 Ss into the second ch from the hook, *dc1, dc1, htr1, htr1, tr1, tr1, tr1, htr1, htr1, dc1, dc1** ch2.


leaf crochet - mollie makes |

Step 3

Step 3: Rep from * to ** on the other side of the chain row. Ss into the first ch. Fasten off yarn.
Use different colours to make other leaves. You can also use two colours together with the 7mm crochet hook to make a larger leaf, following the same pattern.

leaf crochet - mollie makes |

Add a stitched view at the centre of the leaves using a tapestry needle.

leaf crochet - step 4 - mollie makes |

Step 4

Step 4: When all the leaves are done, arrange them on your blanket. Try out different designs, and when you’re happy with it, pin and start oversewing them onto the blanket using a needle and thread. If you want, you can stitch on just the bottom half of the leaf, so the top is left curling up a little bit from the blanket.

leaf crochet - step 5 - mollie makes |

Step 5: Add a stem and flower with some chunky running stitches up the centre of your leaves, or just leave as they are!


This tutorial originally appeared in issue 19 of Mollie Makes magazine. The print edition can be purchased from our official online store as a back issue; meanwhile, digital editions are available from iTunes and the Apple Newsstand.

About the author Ilaria Chiaratti is an Italian-born interior stylist. She has lived with her husband in Eindhoven in The Netherlands since 2009. In 2010, she founded her blog, IDA Interior LifeStyle, where she shares her inspiration, crochet and how-tos. Ilaria was excited to turn her blog into an interior styling consultancy this year. Visit her site.

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