Best craft blogs: which one's your favourite?

Love settling down with a cuppa and a bit of blog inspiration? We ask designer-makers to tell us about the best craft blogs out there

With the launch of new, big, Brit blog extravaganza, Blogtacular – who’ve just announced keynote speaker Joy Cho from Oh Joy! – we asked some of our favourite designer-makers to spill the beans on the best craft blogs.

Want to find out where designer-makers go to find inspiration? Read on

Hine Mizushima: 

My favourite blog might be Laughing Squid

Yas Imamura, Quill and Fox:

Discover Paper, Jackie Magpie, Miss Moss

Laura Gee:

I don’t actually follow blogs. However, I do love Wasted Rita tumblr, which collects everything from her own illustrations, funny dogs, beautiful quotes and the obscene.

Gee Fan, MiniFanFan:


Kate Lilley, Mini-Eco:

I really admire Fine Little Day, Beci Orpin and Swiss Miss

Arounna Khounnoraj, Bookhou:

Geninne’s Art BlogA Merry Mishap, and At Swim Two Birds

Rachel Faucett, Handmade Charlotte:

All The Mountains, Mini-Eco, Kickcan and Conkers

Vanessa Lurie, Wanderlust:

Design Is Mine, A Beautiful Mess and Hula Seventy

Heather Moore, Skinny laMinx:

SFGirlbyBay, Fine Little DayManna from Brooklyn


What are your favourite blogs? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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  • Denise

    This is a great list! I often refer to blogs like these when making my bags and coming up with new styles and better techniques. You can see what I mean here, my listings keep getting better and better thanks to great advice from craft blogs:

  • pooja rathore

    it is the best blog for me it is such a nice creativity thanks for sharing this type of blog . if u want to know about slime …