Travel sketchbook: Win a Citysketch London

Doodle your way around London with Melissa Wood’s Citysketch series. Enter our competition to win three Citysketch London books

It’s exciting, planning a trip around the world. Even jotting down our itinerary for a weekend away in the Big Smoke is worth a thousand Instagrams. But more than that, we love love love keeping a sketchbook journal. If you’re one for keepsakes and scrapbooking, journalling and drawing, Melissa Wood’s Citysketch London can help you doodle your way through the capital city of England.

But hey, there’s no pressure to create a masterpiece, let’s just make memories – in doodle form. With over 100 creative prompts, you can sketch spots such as Big Ben, The London Eye, or Westminister Abbey.

So about that competition. We’re giving away three Citysketch London books to Mollie Makes readers. For your chance to win, enter our competition here. Entered already? Read Melissa’s top tips for drawing below…

London double decker bus

What’s your favourite doodle destination?

I love spending time in the country amidst its pastoral beauty, but, for doodle destinations with a nod to my architectural background, a city as a subject is almost too good to be true. There’s nothing as thrilling as wandering through a new thriving metropolis, eyes catching each detail, shadow, structure and filigree, especially one as rich in history and style variations as London.

What are your 5 top doodling tips?

1. You have to love the pen or pencil that you’re working with. It will make or break the sketching experience.

2. Paper: same. It’s vital to be able to roll your sketch over paper with a fine hand, but also one that is thick enough to withstand any pressure you add for bold lines, poche and shading.

3. Studying structure and architecture has made a world of difference in my ease and comfort in sketching buildings, because I know how they are actually built. So, for a novice who loves the subject or is less familiar with how it’s put together, my advice is to do just that: stare and understand the structural components of the brick to the window to the window frame and then the glass.

4. Care about what you’re doodling. There’s nothing as boring as sitting in front of an object, vista or structure that you aren’t interested in. Citysketch London was born of the passions of the creative, so find something that makes you feel alive, something that matters to you, something that drives your curiosity.

5. Pack a set of markers, colored pencils or a mini traveling watercolor paint set. Depending on where you are, and how comfortable your perch is, it’s like icing on a cake to add pops of color to your sketch.

Ready to get started? Head out there with your copy of Citysketch London and get doodling. Enter our competition for a chance to win yours.



Citysketch London by Melissa Wood
Published by Race Point Publishing

Add your own details to create the London of your dreams. All you need is a pencil, paper, and some creativity.

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