Introducing… Mollie Makes Home 2

Introducing the second edition of Mollie Makes Home, packed with exclusive home tours!

We’re pleased to announce that there’s another Mollie Makes Home on its way!

Mollie Makes Home 2 brings you inspiration from the homes of designer-makers, boutique owners and bloggers. You’ll find beautiful spaces made cosy using thrifted finds, handmade homewares and bright ideas. And there’s 132 pages full of ways to achieve the look yourself, combining second-hand shop finds with quirky accessories.

We also chat to the fascinating folk whose crafty lives will inspire you to get making. So we’ve included our favourite projects like adorable tooth pillows for the kids and lampshades made of vintage tablecloths.

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Here’s little sneak peek

  • sewmakeme

    Oh I have to get this! I have just bought a new place and it needs A LOT of work doing so this will be a great inspiration! Thank you Mollie Makes!

  • craftych1ck

    What a wonderful edition! I wish I could still get my hands on the first. Having recently moved into my boyfriends man cave, (oops I mean house…) I have been tasked with the job of giving his home a much needed new lease of life and making it our home. We have lots of similar interests including a love of books & fantasy. I personally think its important that aspects from both are interests can be found throughout the decor of our home, Whilst I am the more crafty person, my boyfriend has had a long love affair with the Card Collecting Game Magic: The Gathering. Along with various other fantasy and sci-fi based board games. (He’s a geek, that’s kinda why I love him). However this mean like myself with my crafting paraphernalia, he has a multitude of cards with beautiful artwork and gaming .. (erm..) stuffs. This issue has inspired me to find a deep vintage tallboy cabinet with glass doors, and create a decoupage papers of magic cards, then plastering the cabinet with the glorious magic art-work we both enjoy. It is really a win-win scenario, I get a lovely piece of vintage furniture that I can play with (and a tidy corner), He gets a super-cool (not girlie in front of his friends) gaming wardrobe! Now… I better get hunting for that cabinet! See you soon!