Mollie Makes' guide to thrifting, part 1: Where to shop for vintage treasures

In part one of our guide to thrifting, we reveal where to look for secondhand bargains and vintage treats

Flea markets, thrift stores and car boot sales can often house the best vintage treats and treasures you could ever hope to own. Here’s how you go about finding them…

Head out on a path less travelled

Visit towns and cities away from where you would normally shop. Villages or places without nearby universities or colleges nearby could house some real gems.

Don’t be afraid to rummage

Many vintage treats are often buried under a mass of other not-so-great items, so get stuck in and be thorough in your search.

Look high and low

While it’s important to check displays at eye level, it also pays to look at what’s in boxes on the floor or stacked up on tall bookcases.

Check the local paper

It’s worth having a look in the local newspaper’s events section. Most jumble sales will be advertised there rather than online.

Never judge a book by its cover

Don’t underestimate the power of a good clean. If something doesn’t look great at first glance, examine it closely: sometimes a good scrub with washing-up liquid or laundry detergent can work wonders.