5 things you’ll need to throw a 90s do

Encountering forgotten fashion friends on the high street at the moment? Yes, 80s babies, there goes the braided plastic choker, your band t-shirt, glitter hair and baggy trousers. *Waves hello.* All that’s missing are butterfly hair accessories – them were the days! If like us, you’re not embarrassed to yell, “I had one of those as a teen”, then we have a 90s round up just for you. We are stoked to be stamping our own slogan tees and rockin’ homemade scrunchies because our very next themed party will be a 90s one. Yoink some of these 90s ideas for a hella cool sleepover/shindig…

Trolls 90s cookies

1. Pre-internet trolls

You’ve got to get a troll in there! Pick up mini trolls from eBay to use as party decs or go all out and bake your own.

by cookinan.

Play purse 90s kids toy now for adults

2. Which colour did you have?

Technically party favours are bigger now than they were back in the 90s, but why let a technicality get in the way of your fun? Treat your guests to a memory-jogging play purse favour, now in adult size! Don’t forget to put a penny in each for good luck.

by Play Purse

Macaron-Hair-Color-Trend 2

3. Glitter roots

Remember when getting glitter everywhere was a good thing? At first we weren’t sure about the return of the sparkle skull, and then we remembered Halloween is just around the corner…

by popsugar.com

How to print your own slogan tee with free template

4. In your own words

Curse the day we set eyes on that band t-shirt quilt! Thankfully there’s this DIY slogan t-shirt tutorial to show you how to make a new favourite 90s-inspired tee.

by Mollie Makes

Shell pool float

5. We’d totally shell out for a mermaid float.

Whether or not we have the pool.

by urbanoutfitters.com

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