Mollie’s top 7 feel good podcasts

Podcast - Mollies top 7 feel good podcasts

Although January is meant to be the month of slowing down and setting goals, we know that with commitments and long to-do lists it can be difficult to take five mins to yourself. Which is why good podcasts have become our new best friend.

Whether it’s on the commute to work, a lunch break, or an evening cooking or cleaning, podcasts give you time to escape, learn and become inspired. We’ve got loads of podcast recommendations here at Mollie, but if you’re after our top 7 feel good podcasts then keep reading.

Seven feel good podcasts

1.How to Curate Your Life

How to curate your life podcast

Available on Apple Podcast

Fave episode so far…4: (Q&A) with Lizzie Evans – Finding a positive outcome after disappointment or failure

How to Curate Your Life is a podcast by our fave Lizzie from SMUG London, and has been massively helpful for our motivation and inspiration levels. After working as a creative entrepreneur for over 10 years, Lizzie knows a thing or two about staying on top of your game, making her podcast a must-listen. She talks to a bunch of guests asking them the crucial questions, like how they maintain a work-life balance to ultimately curate their lives in the best way possible.

One of our top episodes is with the woman herself. Lizzie answers questions in a super honest and genuine way, giving advice on finding positive outcomes after disappointment. We love the fact she uses her own experiences with SMUG and how far she’s come to understand what self care means to her.

2. In the Moment

inthemoment podcast

Available on Apple Podcast

Fave episode so far… 13: Help me! My year of self-help with Marianne Power

Our pals from In The Moment magazine have started a podcast and let us just say, it’s fantastic. Sarah, the mag’s digital editor, interviews a host of guests including authors, sleep specialists and recognisable influencers like Lily Pebbles.

We loved the interview with author Marianne Power who shares what it was like living out of the pages of a self-care book (well, several in fact). It’s a funny and insightful episode, the perfect download for your commute home! Good podcasts really are everything.

3. Hashtag Authentic 

Hashtag Authentic Podcast

Available on Apple Podcast

Fave episode so far… 59: Setting ‘Tingly’ goals with Hannah Bullivant

Sara Tasker, otherwise known as me_and_orla, has made her living from Instagram. She’s a woman of many talents; mum, author, photographer, influencer, the list goes on and on. Which is probably one of the reasons we love her podcast so much.

Interviewing different guests, she explores important but difficult topics, with all her wisdom her career has provided. We loved her episode with Hannah Bullivant which is about setting realistic goals. Her podcast is the motivational pick up we all need, especially after New Year.

4. The Fringe Of It 

The Fringe Of it Podcast

Available on Apple Podcast

Fave episode so far… 27: Discussing influencers & life online

Online influencers and fashion icons Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin teamed up to make a light-hearted, fun podcast and we’re all for it. The podcast records the two of them having a conversation about everything from food, family, celeb culture and fashion.

One of our fave episodes is number 27 where they discuss life online. Liv and Charlotte have a combined Insta following of 253k so they’re certainly speaking from experience. It’s a great easy listen, but be warned – with so many fab book and TV recommendations every week you’ll have no idea where to start.

5. Happy Place 

Happy Place Podcast

Available on Apple Podcast

Fave episode so far… 20: Bryony Gordon.

Happy Place by legendary presenter Fearne Cotton is hugely popular, so if you’re not subscribed to this one then where have you been? Fearne’s guests are true celebrities with the likes of Russell Brand, Gary Barlow and Zoe Sugg gracing the stage. They discuss what happiness means to them and cover topics of life, love and loss. Fearne’s interview technique is flawless and to be honest, she’s a national treasure really isn’t she?

We especially loved her episode with the hilarious author and journalist Bryony Gordon. The issue of mental health is something Bryony has dealt with her entire life, and her interview in Happy Place is honest and raw, discussing the things which are normally kept hush-hush.

6. Collage Creative 

Collage Creative podcast

Available on Apple Podcast

Fave episode so far…65: Megan Shimek

Crafting queen Amy from creative yarn brand Knit Collage has made a podcast and it’s our favourite thing to knit to. Welcoming different designer-makers every week, Amy’s podcast has helped us discover loads of new inspiring creatives from across the globe. It’s also introduced us to some really funky niche crafts along with an insight into their creative processes.

Check out her episode with weaver Megan Shimek. It’s a lovely interview and Megan opens up about how trauma helped her to fully embrace her craft. She also talks about the history of tapestry, weaving and ancient techniques, leaving you feeling well educated!

7. Courage + Spice 

Courage + Spice podcast

Available on Apple Podcast

Fave episode so far… 16: How to find, know and heal yourself through journalling with Jackee Holder

Sas Petherick is a fave here at Mollie (she gave an incredible talk at our 2018 Handmade Awards) so we’re huge fans of her podcast. Tackling the issue of self-doubt with her host of guests, Sas makes us all feel a little bit more confident with every episode.

Her episode on the power of journalling is the ideal listen while you’re customising your journal using our tutorial. The healing power of writing, recording and being creative is explored with her guest Jackee Holder. The episode left us feeling like we were listening in to two best friends chatting over a cup of tea.

We hope you discover a few good podcasts to craft too – let us know your recommendations over on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We’re always looking for more creative goodness.

And, if you’re in need of something to read this weekend as well as something to listen to, pick up a copy of the latest Mollie Makes here and check out our Q&A with the Fibre Lounge.