International Women’s Day – Meet Atia

Atia from @brightblooms

To celebrate International Women’s Day we interviewed crafter, blogger and influencer Atia from The Bright Blooms to get her thoughts on female empowerment and inclusivity.

Atia from @brightsblooms

Happy International Women’s Day! As a rather fabulous woman, we’d love you to share a bit about yourself with our #molliemakers.

Thank you! My name is Atia and I’m a maker with different interests, including knitting, sewing a handmade wardrobe, creating a colourful home and growing my own flowers. Outside of this, I work part-time as an NHS GP and I’m a mum of three children. I write a blog about my creative lifestyle at and you can also find me on Instagram @brightblooms.

Atia from @brightsblooms

In your insightful blog post about inclusivity, you mention feeling left out by other parents and the craft community. How can we, as women, help to ensure everyone is heard?

I think it’s incredibly important to recognise that people who are different in some way are at risk of being marginalised, whether we intend it to happen or not. I’ve come across many people who say they didn’t realise there was a problem because they weren’t aware of it. By recognising our privileges and welcoming diversity in maker spaces, we can make it possible for other voices to be heard. This needs to happen at all levels by recognising talent and promoting women with incredible talents and skills. If we look for them, we realise they were there all along!

Atia from @brightsblooms

We’re all about showcasing diverse female talent here at Mollie Makes. What do you think are the best ways of discovering new and upcoming designers?

I mostly use Instagram as a way of discovering new makers, by using relevant hashtags and joining in with community challenges. I’ve made an effort to diversify my Instagram feed by actively looking for accounts of those who may be underrepresented.

You created the Insta hashtag #inclusivemaker which is doing some amazing things. What did you want to achieve with it?

In the short term, I just wanted to do something which would help likeminded makers find each other on Instagram. Being a maker encompasses so many different crafts and skills, so it seemed a good hashtag to cover all the bases! I enjoy seeing what people have posted using #inclusivemaker and hope more people will use it as a way to find other makers who believe in supporting each other, whatever their backgrounds.

Atia from @brightsblooms


And finally, who are your top must-follow female makers?

This is a hard one as there are so many talented women out there!

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