Mollie Makes meets Rosa Pietsch

Rosa Pietsch

Rosa Pietsch on what inspires her bold and bright laser cut statement jewellery and why she turned her hobby into her business…

Rosa Pietsch’s statement jewellery is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd. Using a mix of materials and textures her bold designs are all handmade in the London studio she shares with another jewellery maker and range from intricate inlaid patterns to simple, yet stylish designs.

Drawing inspiration from vintage designs and street style, Rosa’s jewellery stands out on her market stall and is high on our must-have list. We caught up with Rosa as she sticks and cuts in her south London studio, to find out her top tips for standing out from the crowd at markets and how selling her makes as a teenager for extra pocket money set her on her own crafting journey…

Rosa Pietsch colourful necklace

Please tell us where you get your inspiration?

Coming from a fashion and textiles background, most of my inspiration tends to come from print, pattern and embroidery. I love to research textile design from around the world and often find inspiration in vintage pieces. The materials I use, when I’m looking at new and different ways to combine textures and colours, also inspire me.

 Rosa Pietsch large deco fan statement necklace pastels

How did you go from making jewellery as a hobby to a fully-fledged business?

I completed a BA Hons in Fashion Design and I’ve worked for around five years in design and product development for fashion, textiles and accessories. Alongside my day job, I began making costume jewellery in the evenings and weekends and it gradually this became my main interest and I decided to go for it and make the jump!

Rosa Pietsch making

How did you learn to make your distinctive style of jewellery, are you self-taught?

My dad taught me how to work with resin, and I took a short course in vector drawing, which inspired me to try laser cutting. I began wondering if the two techniques would look good when combined, so I started experimenting with the idea and after a lot of trial and error, I ended up with a technique that I was really happy with.

Have you always been crafty?

I’ve been making things since I can remember – I come from quite a creative family and as a child one of my favourite pastimes was making things (and being extremely messy with it!). The first jewellery I ever made were super kitsch, things like plectrum earrings, which I used to sell on eBay for pocket money when I was a teenager!

Rosa Pietsch leaf stud earrings

How do you find sharing your workspace with another maker?

I have a studio that I share with another jewellery designer, and it’s worked out really well for us – we get to share the cost of the studio rent, and it’s great to have some company while working. We often talk through ideas and encourage one another. Until a few months ago, I used to design and make everything from home, but I already can’t imagine doing that now. I get a lot more done because travelling to work in my studio feels a lot more like a ‘real’ job, and I have so much more space to work in. I used to constantly turn my flat into a mess of laser-cut acrylic and jewellery components!

Rosa Pietsch jewellery display

What does your average working day look like?

Each day is slightly different, but almost always includes making orders. I sell directly to customers and also have a number of wholesale stockists. I recently took part in a trade show so I’m still working through the orders I took there too. At the moment my average working day includes a lot of gluing, resin casting and finishing, but I’m also finishing up a new range of designs, so I’m trying my best to get this done too.

Rosa Pietsch display

We love your market stalls, what are your top tips for standing out at markets?

I get great feedback, but I find I’m never quite happy with my market displays so I’m always tweaking it. I would say it’s important to keep your display clean, neat and easy to look at, for example, having a consistent background colour, so your products are the main focus. Definitely try to add height to your display so you can be seen from a distance, and have your logo or brand name clearly visible. Most importantly though I think you have to be friendly and approachable, nothing puts me off more than seeing someone looking grumpy behind their stall or sitting there looking at their phone!

Rosa Pietsch engraved mini arc necklaces

Name three things you can’t live without?

Coffee, wine, and my jump ring tool!

What does making mean to you?

I love designing and making something from start to finish. I enjoy every aspect of the process and I find it so satisfying to see the finished piece. I’m so glad I made the scary decision to work for myself!

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  • Rosa’s work is so charming. I have her Lantern necklace and it’s one of my favourite pieces.