London Craft Club’s Mollie Makes Takeover roundup

London Craft Club Mollie Makes Takeover

Catch our latest Mollie Takeover? If you like pastels, pink and sparkles, it’s one for you! London Craft Club (LCC) took over our Insta and Pinterest accounts at the weekend and filled them with lots of crafty joy. See what they got up to.

Our takeovers are up-to-the-minute tours of our guest’s home, craft space and creative mind. Over four days, LCC and its founder, Sonia Bownes, created a grid that made us proud, with a tutorial, a cheeky discount, sneak peeks at craft classes and plenty of lust-worthy makes.


London Craft Club's Mollie Makes Takeover

“… I absolutely loved being part of it! … I kept looking back over the previous @molliemakes’ posts and feeling so excited and a bit nervous to be part of it, and I think it was my most fun social media experience ever!

“I have to say I was busting with pride – my little project up there on the Mollie Makes‘ stage for the whole weekend, it was wonderful. It can be hard as a small biz to take yourself seriously sometimes, no matter how well you do, but I have to say that was quite an empowering moment for me and for London Craft Club.”

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