Meet the maker: Romy Palstra

Romy Palstra illustration

We’ve got some exciting news… Mollie Makes officially has GIFs on Instagram, woooo! If you want to discover our GIFs simply type ‘Mollie Makes’ into the search GIF bar and they will magically appear. We thought it was only right that we introduced you to the lovely and super talented illustrator Romy, on the ‘gram, who designed our GIFs for us.

Keep reading to learn about Romy’s design journey, her GIF making tips and illustrative style. Oh and if you use our GIFs on Instagram tag us in your stories using @molliemakes and tell us what you think of them on Twitter and Facebook.

Romy Palstra illustration

When did you begin your illustration journey?

I started my journey with my blog at the age of 15. As soon as I placed my drawings on my blog, I received some really nice comments. At the age of 17, I went to art school and I came into contact with illustration. Around the same time, I started with my Instagram account and started receiving more and more illustration assignments. From then on it went very fast and now it has become my full time job!

How would you describe your illustration style?

Romy Palstra illustration

My style is a combination of cute and colourful. With my illustrations, I want to make the world a little more beautiful, but at the same time also tackle serious topics. Generally, I think it’s quite girly but I like that.

What’s your favourite illustration you’ve created?

Romy Palstra illustration

To be honest, I find it hard to choose just one illustration. At the moment I’m busy with a new stationery collection and I like the girly pattern that I’ve created for it so I’ll choose that. I think I like my patterns the most because I love seeing them translated onto products and fabrics.

When did you start making GIFs?

I started making GIFs four or five years ago but it’s only been recently that I’ve begun to upload them to use on Instagram stories. I never expected that I would find it so fun to do and that so many people would use them. At first, I didn’t know what to do with them, they were just an addition to an online news article or they looked nice on my Instagram grid. But now everyone around the world can use them in their Instagram stories and it’s so cool!

What’s your process for designing GIFs for Instagram?

Romy Palstra illustration

Most of the time I come up with ideas in the evening or when I’m travelling by train. It depends on where I am but usually, I write or draw the ideas in my sketchbook or phone notes. And then when I have the time, I work them out on my laptop with Photoshop. It’s a quick process and usually, when I make a pattern or illustration I sketch a lot, but for making GIFs I don’t sketch them out very much.

Can you give us one designer tip for creating GIFs?

Start small with just a simple small movement. And then just create it! It sounds so obvious but every step begins small. You can learn a lot just by searching for videos and articles on YouTube. Here are one or two useful videos to get you started.

What are you hoping to design next?

Romy Palstra illustration

This week I’m busy with some editorial illustrations for different magazines and that makes me so happy. I really love working with magazines. I also loved working on the stationery collection that I talked about earlier. And of course, I enjoy working on my 100 days challenge on Instagram. But when I’ve finished all of these things, I hope to design even more new GIFs!

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