Bonus interview: Meet the Maker Wolf & Moon

Wolf and Moon's Hannah Davis

Because we simply love Hannah Davis from Wolf & Moon, we’re bringing you a special bonus interview.We took a tour around Hannah’s beautiful workspace in issue 108 of Mollie, learning all about her journey from creating costume jewellery at 16 to running her iconic jewellery brand Wolf & Moon today. We had such a good chat we couldn’t fit it all into the mag, so here’s some bonus interview questions for you. Enjoy!

To read the full interview with Hannah and learn more about her story, her business tips, and ways to stay creative, pick up a copy of issue 108 in store today. If you’re after even more maker goodness then check out our other Meet the Maker blog posts including our interviews with Polly McPherson and Esme Young.

Wolf & Moon studio and interview

What were the deciding factors in turning your craft into a proper business?

To be honest, everything happened very organically so I don’t remember ever making major decisions about anything. I loved making, was able to make more money than waitressing and it felt amazing when someone bought something I’d made, so really it felt like a no brainer to continue doing it.

Who do you make your products for?

My ideal customer is curious and independent; they like to be a bit different, have a creative flair and love supporting small designer-makers.

Wolf & Moon studio and interview

Tell us about your team!

Our team is one big family and I feel blessed to have found so many lovely people that want to work for me. We focus a lot on making sure our staff are happy and feel valued, and it warms my heart when I see the friendships that have formed between people. I do all of the hiring and it’s really important to me that anyone new will fit in with the team as we all work closely together.

What is the vibe like among everyone who works in the studio?

Everyone is very friendly and gets on well. We support each other and work really well as a team. My staff are a mix of ages. Some have just come out of university courses and are just getting started in the creative industry. Others are a little older and looking for a more settled role doing work they enjoy.

Wolf & Moon studio and interview

What do you love about what you do?

I love designing new things and being surrounded by so many friendly faces every day.

Are there any elements you don’t enjoy?

Sometimes the responsibility of looking after so many people can be stressful – taking care of all the HR and Health & Safety stuff are my least favourite, but probably most important tasks.

Wolf & Moon studio and interview

Tell us about your creative space; is it a functional area, inspiring, reflective of you?

Well, I am naturally quite messy which I hate but I just can’t help it! When I tidy up it feels much more inspiring. I also enjoy working on my laptop from my dining table at home as the room gets some lovely sunshine through the window in the morning.

Are there similarities between your studio and your home?

I have lots of plants around in both spaces and always too many things!

Wolf & Moon studio and interview

Who’s inspired you, both personally and professionally?

I have a group of friends who are all designers and amazing girl bosses. We’re all very different, but we love and support each other, and I learn a lot from all of them. To be honest I find them much more inspiring than anyone in the public eye that I don’t personally know.

Does running a business ever deter from you enjoying the craft?

I don’t think so. It has its challenges but I enjoy problem solving. I also go to pottery every week which gives me a creative outlet separate from making jewellery.

Wolf and Moon Instagram

Wolf & Moon’s Instagram

Do you feel your Instagram plays a factor in improving your brand awareness?

Absolutely! Sometimes it can be difficult and frustrating fighting against the algorithm but in general, it’s a really good place to showcase what we’re doing. A lot of people I meet say they’ve found Wolf & Moon through the platform.

How does it feel to be where you are today?

I feel blessed and pretty lucky to be honest. I’ve put a lot of work and dedication into my business over the years but often I feel like perhaps I’ve just been in the right place at the right time.

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