Meet the Maker – Worm London

Meet the Maker Worm London

In issue 98, we had the pleasure of meeting Katie and Terri from Worm London. They let us explore their stunning studio, shared their creative journey, talked about brand aesthetics, business challenges and the world of flowers.

Pick up your copy of issue 98 and settle down with a cup of tea to read the full interview but, if you can’t get enough of Worm London like us, here’s a little taster including loads of facts about our fave florists.

Who do you make bouquets and displays for?

K&T: We have a huge assortment of clients. Most of our wedding clients are small London weddings, although we are lucky enough to be doing some abroad. We always get to know the bride and feel mad excitement delivering her bouquet on the morning of the wedding. We also have bigger clients that we do press shows and shoots for like Burberry, M&S etc, and we do lots of styling work for cookbooks and magazines like Harpers Bazaar.

Is there anyone in particular who’s inspired you both?

K&T: People who manage to stay kind in difficult circumstances. We always look up to women who have made businesses work and are often in awe when we realise how many roles they are juggling. Others include Grayson Perry, Iris Apfel, Nora Ephron, Constance Spry, Georgia O’ Keefe and Zaha Hadid.

Terri in Worm London's studio

When are you most creative?

K&T: When we’ve had a rest. We learnt that the hard way – if you run yourself into the ground your creative brain goes on strike. We work really well as a creative team and are able to sit down and come up with good ideas together. We also get inspired by so much more than flowers. We could go walk around an art gallery and come out brimming with ideas.

What’s your favourite read?

T: Terri is a huge Sylvia Plath fan. Her favourite has to be The Bell Jar. She read it first in university and always comes back to it.

K: I find this question so hard as usually whatever is the last great book I have read becomes my favourite at that moment. However, I always return to Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. I usually don’t like reading books twice but for some reason, I go back to this every so often.

Katie from Worm London in their studio

What are your favourite things in the world? 

T:  Generally being surrounded by water, be it sea or a pool – there’s a little island off Greece called Spetses which is lovely. I also love baths because of the water; a warm bath while listening to Max Richter’s sleep album is perfect.

K: Autumn when the air smells woody, when the world turns gold and burnt orange for a few weeks, and you can have a pumpkin collection. Anything autumnal really, warm flavours like turmeric, red wine and pumpkins.

And your least favourite?

T: Any of those healthy treats like sugar-free cakes! Only the real deal will do. The more sugar and butter icing the better.

K: Ham sandwiches with butter make me want to throw up. Even the thought of them together. Can’t even look at them.

Product shot of Worm London's studio

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