Mollie Makes meets A Charming Project

Meet Enid Gonzalez of A Charming Project, new craft blogger with a super-project idea that requires lots of made-up reasons to have a party…

Enid started A Charming Project just over a year ago now, but you’d never guess it, her corner of the internet looks perfectly lived-in with heaps of DIYs and creative ideas for you to peruse. Find out what Enid’s top digital apps and blogs are, how she keeps motivated and what she’s working on now.

Mollie Makes meets A Charming Project | workspace

How long have you been crafting?

Forever! I remember my dad would take me to the library every summer to check out craft books for kids, and I would spend the entire summer making things out of shoe boxes and practicing origami with my mum. In college, I had the opportunity to work at the campus craft centre, and in exchange received free classes. One day after taking a paper making class, I went home, pulled the lint trap from the dryer, sat my roommates down, and commenced to tutor them on the art of pulp paper making.

How would you describe your crafting style?

For now I would call it colourful and charming. I’ve only been blogging for a little over a year, so I’m still trying new things before I narrow down my style into one particular niche. I think it’s important to try different ideas to find out what works, and techniques that come naturally to you.

Mollie Makes meets A Charming Project | pineapple vase

Mollie Makes meets A Charming Project | terrarium

Which is your favourite craft?

Upcycling. I love breathing new life into old items around the house. My favourite project this year has to be the coffee pot I turned into a terrarium inspired by my grandmother’s love of plants and coffee.

What would your first piece of advice be for anyone considering selling their crafts?

It’s important to remember that once you decide to monetise your crafts you need to treat it as a business and not just a hobby. Creating a detailed business plan is the best way to get prepared for selling your items. I’ve also found that being consistent with my social media account is key to driving traffic to my site.

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How do you keep yourself motivated when a project isn’t going to plan?

I have an inspiration board to keep me motivated, and I try to give myself enough time to test out materials before committing to the final vision in my head. But I’ve definitely shed a few tears when things didn’t go right. I’ve found the best way to avoid this awful frustration is to plan better.

Do you have a super-project in mind for the future? Can you tell us about it?

I have been saving and dying wine corks in different colours for over 3 years! It will eventually make for a very cool wall display. I just need to hurry up and drink more wine!

What crafty thing can you not live without?

For my birthday this year, after many not-so-subtle hints, my boyfriend gave me the Brother Project Runway edition sewing machine. I don’t know how I coped without it all these years. I’m completely addicted to it, and I can’t wait to make tons and tons of throw pillows.

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5 things to bookmark:

1. Sarah of Sarah Akwisombe writes my favourite interior design blog. Head there for home tips!

2. Live Colorful for craft.

3. VSCO is my favourite image editing app. I use it before posting any of my crafts to Instagram because it has great features that make photos crisp and bright.

4. Designer Seeds: use when searching for colour palettes.

5. I use Pic Monkey for editing my images.

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