Mollie Makes meets: A Wooden Tree & Ebba Goring

Mollie Makes meets Ebba Goring and A Wooden Tree at the Craft Scotland Summer Show hosted by White Stuff

Left: Ebba Goring; Right: Kirsty Anderson

Ebba Goring and Kirsty Anderson (A Wooden Tree) are showcasing their makes at White Stuff’s Edinburgh Emporium. We caught up with the two talented designer-makers to find out a little more about their work, inspirations and first craft memories.

A selection of makes by A Wooden Tree (Kirsty Anderson).

Mollie Makes meets Kirsty Anderson (A Wooden Tree)

Please tell us a bit about your beautiful makes and yourself.

I’ve been involved in making, teaching and showing art and textiles ever since graduating from Gray’s School of Art. I’m now working and living in Edinburgh, which I love, it’s a fantastic city! My work varies from small felt fox brooches to large stuffed wall hangings of stags. It’s mostly made from pre-owned curtains and linens, so the work has a nostalgic feel. (A project by A Wooden Tree will be appearing in the Christmas issue of Mollie Makes. Keep those peepers peeled!)

What’s your first craft memory?

That is a good question! My first memories of design was watching my mum who had these really good pens that she used for her drawings and her Letraset. My most vivid memory is making candles; we used to put our hands in the wax all the time, too.

What inspires you and your work?

My work is inspired by animals, the forest, the sky and eclectic items which hold some history. I also love digging around in Edinburgh’s amazing charity shops, and tat markets give me lots of ideas, too. I use a lot of linen in my pieces, you know, the kind of stuff your gran would keep in her cupboard: tablecloths, napkins and pillowcases.

What’s your favourite thing about craft events?

Meeting new people and putting names to faces.

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A selection of makes by Ebba Goring.

Mollie Makes meets Ebba Goring

Please tell us about your amazing jewellery collection.

I launched ‘Knit One Pearl One’ last autumn and I’ve steadily been adding more designs to this core collection. Incorporating the texture of lace, crochet and stitch give my jewellery a romantic and vintage feel.

What’s your earliest craft memory?

I have a very early memory of making an angel decoration for the top of the Christmas tree. I think I must have been about three years old. I still have her! She’s made from an empty toilet roll, tinfoil, has a ping-pong ball head and some tinsel stuck on top I love her!

What inspires you and your work?

All my jewellery designs are inspired by a love of traditional needlework, and a passion to translate textile skills – handed down from generation to generation – into a material that will preserve them forever.

I’m fascinated by changing the nature of a material. My designs start off in cotton thread, something that is malleable and perishable, but then I cast it in silver or gold and the piece become something that could last forever. I’m currently working on a new wedding and engagement range.

What’s your favourite thing about craft events?

I always enjoy meeting other makers and hearing about their work. We usually have a good natter about business ideas and even possible collaborations. It’s also really encouraging to see customers react to your work and to get some feedback on what you’re producing. When I send work out to stockists or make a sale online, I often wonder who has bought it.

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To meet Ebba, Kirsty and many more makers at the Craft Scotland Summer Show, visit the White Stuff Edinburgh Emporium, from 2-26 August, Monday to Saturday 11:00 – 18:00 and Sunday 12:00 – 17:00