Mollie Makes meets Electric Confetti

Electric Confetti's Natalie Jarvis

Natalie Jarvis is the innovative designer behind the quirky and cool LED neon brand Electric Confetti…

We have been lusting after Electric Confetti’s banana light since it popped up in our Instagram feed a year ago. In fact, we’d be happy with any of Natalie Jarvis’ innovative LED neon creations!

Based in Melbourne, Australia, illustrator Natalie started out as a book designer, but a love of vintage signs led her to turn her attention to neon after discovering LED neon flex could be used to make her own contemporary version of traditional neon. As well as selling off the shelf designs in her brand new shop, Natalie also offers a design service so your neon dreams can come true…

Electric Confetti signs

Hi Natalie! Your shop looks amazing, what do you love about having your own premises?

As you can imagine the shop is very bright! We have only been in business a year and had the shop a couple of months. We found we needed a bigger space for dispatch, and people wanted to come check out the product before purchasing so they could see all the colours in real life.

Electric Confetti shop

How are your signs different from traditional neon?

We are big fans of the original stuff, but ours is different in the fact it is low voltage, therefore cool to the touch. They are fairly durable too as they’re silicone and mounted on clear acrylic.

Electric Confetti Unicorn sign

How did you learn to create your neon?

I was formerly a graphic designer and illustrator in publishing for kids books. I sought a neon sign for our house, and couldn’t find a company offering me the design service I required. The first sign I ever made was an ice cream and as they say, the rest is history!

Electric Confetti pizza sign

What does your average working day look like?

It varies loads! It’s mainly tied up with design though. We do a lot of custom work, so much of the time is spent working back and forth with the client making their neon dreams reality!

Electric Confetti Pac Man sign

What’s your design process?

It’s all computer based, in adobe illustrator. We work with ideas that people have, whether it be abstract ideas on a serviette, or quite particular concepts already planned out. We then work back and forth with the customer showing them concepts until they’re ready. Often companies supply their own logo, so in that case it’s just a matter of converting the logo into a neon ready file.

Electric Confetti flower sign

What inspires you?

Vintage signs and packaging always inspire new ideas. I also love the amazing array of Australian (and beyond) illustrators that are always coming up with gorgeous new stuff.

Who are your favourite makers?

I love the use of colour and bold forms by Georgia Perry and McKean studios – I’m a sucker for strong, daring colours. I also love Debra Followfield’s nod to traditional jewellery although her work still appears contemporary. Dowel Jones produces unstuffy, high quality, original furniture designs – beautiful form meets function design! And I really like Leah Jackson ceramics too.

Electric Confetti custom sign

What’s been your proudest project?

That’s a hard one, there’s been heaps! A big watermelon with a bite out of it, a crab with moving pincers, the Christmas range we released with stylist Megan Morton, I love so many of them and hopefully our customers do too!

Electric Confetti Banana sign

Name three things you can’t live without?

My family, craft materials and my diary.

What are your top tips for running a handmade business?

Just get on with it without over thinking everything. I took three years of research and development before launching a year ago, and it would have been longer had I not booked myself into a stall at a huge design market here. That forced me to get my ducks in line, and everything has a way of working out!

Electric Confetti signs

Who would your dream collaboration be with?

Good question, there are so many inspiring people. I love Gorman, a clothing and homeware label here in Australia, so it would be great to work with their style.

Electric Confetti Happy Days sign

What does making mean to you?

I love the way your mind thinks of nothing else when you’re creating. It can have its challenges for sure, but ultimately it’s so satisfying seeing what the end result is.

To find out more about Electric Confetti visit them at or follow them on Instagram