Mollie Makes meets Jodie Carleton

Australian craft blogger Jodie Carleton shares what inspires her cute makes and why her ideal crafternoon would go global…

Jodie Carleton is a blogger, toy designer, fabric designer, pattern writer and animal lover who creates some of the cutest felt animal patterns around. So, as one of our favourite contributors, we snapped up her Peggy the Dachshund project for the new Mollie Makes The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon magazine.

Jodie Carleton - Paddle the penguin

Tell us what inspired your Peggy the Dachshund project for Mollie Crafternoon?

I’m obsessed with sausage dogs. There’s just something so appealing about their chubby little legs and pointy faces. Peggy is my fourth version and once I’d finalised the design for her I had the idea to add a little coat, because everyone loves accessories right? I’m excited to see how Mollie Makes The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon readers personalise their little dogs; I’d love to see crafters make whole wardrobes for them!

What would you do if you hosted your own crafternoon?

A crafternoon at my place would definitely involve cake. There would be lots of friends (as they are always very supportive of any crazy scheme I come up with) squished around the kitchen table to sew, as my sewing room is too messy to allow anyone in there. I’d also run a virtual crafternoon on social media for my friends who live all over the world so they could join in, too.

Jodie Carleton - Flamingoes

How big is your crafting stash and where do you keep it?

My kids are grown up, so I find myself in the enviable position of having a number of rooms at my disposal. I have a dedicated sewing room, but I’m a messy crafter, so it’s just for me. I have another only slightly less messy room that houses bolts of fabric from my fabric ranges. Organising my stash is a constant occupation. I always think that there will be the perfect storage containers or set of shelves that will keep me organised, but that dream has yet to be realised.

Jodie Carleton - Cacti Jodie Carleton - Hedgehog

What inspires you?

I get new ideas at a rate of knots. Sometimes a toy that I am working on will lead me think about what this toy’s friend or sister might look like. Sometimes a particular fabric inspires me to drop everything and make a new toy. I also spend quite a bit of time hanging out on Instagram!

Jodie Carleton - Frankie and Dee

What’s been your proudest project?

I’m always fondest of the toy or design that I am currently working on, but from a technical perspective I really love Frankie and Dee, the lions. It took me a long time to figure out how to achieve Frankie’s glorious mane.

Jodie’s top three toy-making tips

  1. Toys always need more stuffing than you think is humanly possible. Always.
  2. Leave the face till last. If you sew the face first and then go a little skewwhiff your endearing toy may suddenly look mad!
  3. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Toys need character so don’t sweat the tiny mistakes.

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