Mollie Makes meets Lia Griffith

Lia Griffith

We caught up with Lia Griffith to discover her top tips for crafting bouquets from paper and to find out the inspiration behind her project for The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon.

Lia Griffith’s stunning paper flowers have earned her millions of fans across the globe, so we were thrilled when she agreed to do an exclusive project for the The Big Comic Relief Crafternoon bookazine. Come and meet her and take a peek at the flowers you can make in the magazine.Lia Griffith making


Tell us more about your paper flowers project for the Big Comic Relief Crafternoon bookazine?

Who doesn’t love Red Nose Day! This is my first time working with Comic Relief and I’m very excited to be involved. I’ve loved working with crepe paper for a long time, but I  often struggled to find the right paper for my projects. Crepe is often very stiff and isn’t available in the kinds of colours that inspire me to make exquisite flowers. So, last year I decided to bite the bullet and design my own range of extra fine crepe papers. As well as having a paper that would stretch and curl in the way I wanted, it was also very important to me to design a range that was inspired by nature rather than the candy shop! The peonies featured in The Big Comic relief Crafternoon were made to showcase the coral, blush and honeysuckle colours of crepe. As you can see they have an elegant, realistic quality that I just adore.

What would you do if you hosted your own Crafternoon?

I’d invite crafters to come to our studio and learn the art of crepe paper flowers. We would create a gorgeous community paper flower garden filled with roses, gardenias, poppies and ranunculus. There would be cherry blossoms hanging from the ceiling and potted orchids on the mantle. We would then open the garden to the public and invite them into our magical paper world!

Lia Griffith making

How big is your crafting stash and where do you keep it?

Until a little over a year ago my business was run out of my home in south east Portland. As my company and team grew, so did my craft stash and before we knew it we were tripping over ribbon and glue guns and paper stacks – it was time to find our own space! Thankfully I found the perfect space in an old loft in the heart of Portland. We now have a dedicated props room where we keep all the ceramics, ornaments and props for photographs. We also have a dedicated craft room, which (for the most part) is neatly organised so that we can access what we need relatively easily!

Can you describe your studio and why it works for you?

Our main studio space is where we all have our desks. There are 11 of us now – I have designers, makers, a photographer, a writer, marketing manager and operations manager. It’s a great team. We surround ourselves with our favourite projects and items that inspire us. We have a huge bookshelf, a 10ft pin board filled with gorgeous images and the word CREATE written on the wall in lights. It’s important to me that I create a space that inspires my team to be their best creative selves.

Lia Griffith crepe paper head wreathLia Griffith Felt Deer

How do you get inspired?

I go for a walk. There’s so much inspiration out in the world if you go and look for it. I’m a member at the local art museum, which is always a good source of inspiration. I browse Pinterest, flick through art and craft books or wander the local stores in Portland.

Name three things you can’t live without?

A good nights sleep, my morning green juice and good music that sets the mood to be creative.

Lia’s top three tips for making paper flowers

1. Create soft shapes with your flat paper by curling and gathering or, if it is crepe paper, stretching.

2. Try different papers to find your own favourite and experiment with combining different papers for one flower.

3. Think of your paper flower as a piece of artwork and give yourself time to practice and understand that materials. Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process.

To find out more about Lia visit her website at or follow her on Instagram and Twitter


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