Mollie Makes meets: Yas Imamura

quill and fox business tips -

Planning on setting up your own creative workspace or business? Quill & Fox’s Yas Imamura offers her advice

quill and fox business tips -

Quill & Fox specialises in hand-designed cards and stationery that evoke a welcome sense of nostalgia. We chatted with the lovely Yas Imamura to find out more.

Describe a typical day for you

I usually wake up late and, in some sort of guilty frenzy, I’ll catch up on emails straight away, eating breakfast on the go. Sometimes we do mail drop-offs on our way to lunch. I catch up on some production at night, or illustration if I have some work that needs to be done. Rinse and repeat, kind of!

Tell us a little more about your studio

I have my work table (that I also use for product shots) right against a large chalkboard wall. I have a separate table for desktop work by the window, and all the stock is opposite.

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Do you have any advice you can offer to fellow creatives keen on setting up their own studio?

Find a good balance between aesthetics and utility. Early on, especially with the explosion of all the workplace inspirations, it’s easy to get taken by aesthetics. It’s important to get a feel for how your work and your habits. Not every studio setup works for everyone.

Why did you decide to start your own business?

My husband, who is an illustrator, got me back into traditional art. It rekindled my interest in the plain joy of illustrating. I decided that, since we both worked from home as artists, it would be conducive to start a shop of my own as well.

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What three things do you think make you successful?

• I dive head-on into any creative pursuit, learning through mistakes and trying things first-hand

• I’m doing what I love

• I have a partner that really supports my endeavours

What are your top business tips?

When you’re doing what you love, the initiative to go that extra mile just comes naturally. I think that’s crucial when running your own business. It’s a constant, living and breathing thing. and only genuine passion can continuously breathe life to it.

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