Q&A with Mollie Makes’ award winners The Mamahood

The Mamahood Q&A

Last July we hosted the Mollie Makes Handmade Awards 2019 and met the very best designer-makers from up and down the country. One such person was Diana from The Mamahood – her creativity and brand impressed us so much that she was awarded the 2019 Handmade Champion Award! Keep reading to discover The Mamahood’s ethos for supporting mum-run businesses – we promise you’re going to be just as impressed with their mission as us.

Hi Diana! Tell us a bit more about The Mamahood and how it came about.

The Mamahood Q&A

Gooseberry Fool’s crocheted booties

The Mamahood is me and now a tiny but brilliant team. It started out a few years after the birth of my children! I felt quite lost and isolated, so I wanted to start something that would promote creativity and much-needed connection between mothers. Then I sought funding and started to run workshops and events, and as I did so, I started unearthing all these incredible mother makers and mum-run brands. I was so inspired by that entrepreneurial spirit! In the face of rising childcare costs and inflexible employers, we have never before seen so many highly skilled women starting side projects and building brands, all contributing to a growing economy of brilliant small businesses.

I myself have been on that entrepreneurial journey too, so I felt it was really important to shine a light on all that talent. So that’s what The Mamahood is! It’s a place to find the very best mother makers and mum-run brands; a place for mothers to support mothers and shop their brilliant creative small businesses; a place for mothers to find community while they’re on their entrepreneurial journey.

Congrats on winning the Mollie Makes Handmade Champion Award! How did it feel?

Thank you! I’m so honoured to have won the award. I am a long-time huge fan of Mollie Makes. Our community is absolutely brimming with handmade talent. So many mum-run businesses start at the kitchen table! They begin during nap times or in those few pinched nursery hours. And from there comes the seed of an idea and often the foundations of a brilliant small product-based business. If that isn’t something to champion, I don’t know what is!

We love the support you give smaller indie brands, specifically female entrepreneurs. Has this always been close to your heart?

The Mamahood Q&A

Mel Porter’s handmade light ring

I’m hugely passionate about championing women in business. It isn’t an easy life as a female entrepreneur – much like motherhood. It’s lonely, and fraught with comparison and self-doubt. The transition from hobby to founder is paved with challenges, but The Mamahood is absolutely about offering a supportive, collaborative space for women navigating the juggle of motherhood and small business life.

We enable women to come together and truly support each other. Our members collaborate, advise each other daily on everything from postal services to price points – they truly navigate business decisions together. And ultimately this is what we all need. Because when we are in it together, we all succeed, right?

Can you share some of the ways you support mum-run businesses?

The Mamahood Q&A

Ruby Blue Design featured on The Mamahood

We bring members together in our community so they feel less alone – it sometimes feels more like a co-working initiative than a community! We also leverage discounts and benefits that our members could not access alone. From press and PR to product development, we also have a team of brilliant mentors who run training, masterclasses and webinars that advise and support our members on all aspects of their small business journey. Throughout the year we run pop-up shops too, filling empty retail units with these brilliant products from brands you only find online. And every Monday we run a hashtag campaign on Instagram, #mumrunmonday, where our whole community takes turns to showcase the brilliant businesses among our ranks, reaching ever-growing new audiences as we all support and shout about each other.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone thinking about starting their own business?

The Mamahood Q&A

Marjorie Minnie making her signature reindeer

Connect with others. Reach out to those who inspire you and ask for feedback, find people to share your journey with. Never underestimate how useful it is to have people to bounce ideas off. And, always define success on your own terms. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the goal is about going big – success can equally be to remain small and beautiful.

And finally, if there’s any small biz owners that want to be featured on The Mamahood, what should they do?

The Mamahood Q&A

The Mamahood’s Brixton Pop UP

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