Share your business story with #MeetTheMakerWeek


The latest Insta challenge for the creative community.

Back in spring our Insta feeds were filled with inspiring stories from designer-makers, as part of #MarchMeetTheMaker. The challenge, from Joanne Hawker, encourages crafters to share their business stories, make connections and grow their confidence on Insta. It’s just finished its second year and will be back with a bang in March. Can’t wait ‘til then? Joanne’s just launched #MeetTheMakerWeek, to help makers tell their stories in the run up to Christmas. We caught up with her to find out more…


Hi Joanne! You’ve just released the prompts for #meetthemakerweek and they’re looking good. How did you pick them?

When I write the prompts for my challenges I try to keep them broad, so they’re open to interpretation and I get a wide variety of responses. This time, I’ve gone even broader. I’m going to help people pin point what they want to share though. I’ve created a free printable planner download, as well as prompts on my blog, and have launched a Facebook group too, where there’ll be a daily help section.

#MeetTheMakerWeek Facebook group

Tell us more about your Facebook group…

It’s got three main aims:

  • Support – to help people with this month’s hashtag challenge. After this, it’ll provide an environment where makers can offer support, advice and ask questions to others who own creative businesses.
  • Friendship – a common comment from previous challenges is that making from home can be lonely, especially if friends and family don’t ‘get it’. This is a place to forge new friendships, and to help stamp out that loneliness. I’ve made friends from this challenge and I’d like everyone to have the same opportunity.
  • Belonging – at the end of each challenge, the word belonging has cropped up again and again. The challenges are a place where people feel like they belong. Rather than the community disappearing once the challenge is over, we can continue it over here. Every maker is welcome!

What inspired you to launch the challenge this time?

So many people asked if I’d be doing it again after #MarchMeetTheMaker, that I had to say yes! I love the community aspect of it. The maker community is such an amazing, talented bunch of people, and I want to help them tell their business stories.

The challenge is a good opportunity to get creative with Instagram. What are your top three tips to get the most out of Insta?

  • It might seem obvious, but really think about what you’re posting, in terms of both image and content. Would you like it if it showed up in your feed? I take at least 10 photos of the same thing before I edit and post my image. Editing can save a poorly lit image so be sure to have some good photo editing apps to hand too.
  • Research your hashtags and use a good mixture, choosing a combination of smaller and larger ones. Some tags are banned so make sure you don’t use them.
  • Prepare. I’ve got a weekly planner on my desk so I know what I’m supposed to be doing every day. For each day, I scribble down what I’m going to share. This gives me enough time to ensure that I’ve got a good image ready so I don’t have to stress about what I’m posting that day.

What’s next for #MarchMeetTheMaker and #MeetTheMakerWeek?

I’ve got a few exciting things up my sleeve for the next #MarchMeetTheMaker, but I can’t tell you about those yet because it’ll ruin the surprise!