My Space: 2 things on Tatty Devine’s craft desk

From upcycling junk to running one of the UK’s best-loved indie brands, Harriet Vine and Rosie Wolfenden have come a long way. Read the full interview with Tatty Devine in Mollie Makes 65 with images from their Brick Lane workshop and top tips for collaboration. But first, find out what tools and materials Harriet and Rosie couldn’t live without…

Describe the essence of Tatty Devine

HV It’s a really fun recipe made from lots of weird ingredients. Everything we see and do and everywhere we’ve been. It’s usually bought by the person who’s going to wear it, which is a twist on the idea of jewellery.

RW There’s definitely an element of wearing your heart on your sleeve. We make things that let you express what you love and who you are. We make a finite number of each piece because we want to move on and make something else – I always want the thing that doesn’t exist yet.

What tools or materials could you not live without?

HV Pencil. I used to be all about mechanical pencils until I bought myself a really nice sharpener. Now I can use normal pencils.

RV Pen and paper. I love digital but there’s nothing better than a notebook and a pen. It resonates more than typing.

HV It’s just not as easy when you want to find something later for reference and you can vaguely remember that it’s on the top left-hand corner of a page.


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Photographs: Rachel Smith
Words: Anne Wollenberg