The sustainability series: 5 eco craft suppliers

Erin Lacey's eco painted tea towels

Erin Lacy is a designer who makes eco paints in beautiful colours. Find her lobster and lemon screen printed tea towel project inside issue 103!

Our sustainability series focuses on small improvements you can make to your daily life to help our planet. And, in this blog post, we’ve got some eco-friendly craft supplies that’ll get you on the way to achieving those ethical life goals.

After you’ve checked out all our eco-friendly suggestions, why not grab a copy of 103, our sustainable issue? Plus, sit down with a nice cup of tea and have a scroll through our Pinterest board, and check out all our other posts in our sustainable series:

1.   Billie Jean yarn

eco-craft suppliers: Wool and the gang wool

Photo Credit: Wool & The Gang

First up are our good pals Wool & The Gang who’ve hooked up with The New Denim Project to create upcycled yarn. Produced from leftover denim from the fashion industry, you can knit guilt-free – they use no chemicals or dyes in their process, and estimate that for every kilogram of upcycled jean material they make, they save around 20,000 litres of water.  That leaves us with one very blue planet David Attenborough would be proud of.

2.   Biodegradable tape

eco-craft suppliers: Biodegradable tape

Photo Credit: Eco-Craft

Plastic tape is arguably the plastic bag’s underrated evil twin brother. Think about it – all that plastic just being ripped off boxes and taking thousands of years to decompose. Luckily, Eco-craft have started selling biodegradable tape to help tackle the problem. This tape is made of renewable kraft paper which is acid-free and biodegradable, so you can just pop it in the bin with your other cardboard recycling. Presents given, planet saved.


3.   Biodegradable glitter

eco-craft suppliers: Biodegradable glitter

Photo Credit: Eco Glitter Fun

Who doesn’t love a glittery card or decorations? Well, your love for the sparkly stuff doesn’t have to cost the planet anymore. Eco Glitter Fun have produced biodegradable glitter so your crafts can be beautiful for the planet too. And, bonus points to them as all their products are vegan and cruelty-free as well. Plus, Eco Glitter Fun also donate to Plastic Oceans, a UK charity who focus on eliminating plastic in our oceans.

4.   Baby alpaca wool

eco-craft suppliers: Alpaca wool

Photo Credit: Temporary Measure

This wool is a great way to start becoming more sustainable. Yes, it requires alpacas, but the wool is made from baby alpacas’ coats and all the alpacas are well-looked after. Temporary Measure even offer walks with the alpacas and dedicate a blog called appacalyeverafter to the big cuties!

5.   Coloured earth pigments

eco-craft suppliers: ecopigment paint

Photo Credit: Celtic Sustainables

Paints can often contain have harmful toxins or be plastic based, but luckily more brands are starting to offer earth pigment alternatives. Celtic Sustainables are a UK company who stock Coloured Earth Pigments, a non-toxic alternative described as  produced ‘straight from the ground’, meaning you can paint and decorate guilt-free.

By making the switch to even one of these sustainable suppliers, you’ll be starting the journey towards an eco-friendly life. Share your fave eco craft suppliers with us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. For more sustainable projects and upcycling inspo,  subscribe to Mollie Makes.